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Jan 19, 2007 06:32 PM

Dungeness Crabs on the Marine Coast?

My folks are in town from Italy, and we'd like to go explore the coast and eat some terrific Dungeness crabs on Sunday for lunch. Any recommendations??


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  1. The menu at Seaweed Cafe in Bodega Bay changes daily, so there's no guarantee, but they probably have the best food in west Marin.

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    1. What about Phil's Fish Market in Moss Beach? I wasn't there during crab season, but everything we had there last summer was great! Moss Landing is a funky place to poke around, and you could always head down to Monterey, Carmel, Carmel Valley, and Big Sur. Have a great time!

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      1. re: The Librarian

        I recently read some downhill reports about Phil's ... true or not? It was on my list to try for cioppino.

        Half Moon Bay for crab on the coast?

      2. Point Reyes? Marshall?

        1. There is always Tony's Seafood in Marshall. It's a pretty good joint IF you stick with the steamed crab and bbq oysters. Everything else is deap fried and overpriced.

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          1. re: Civil Bear

            I thought the cioppino and grilled shrimp hubby and I had there once as specials were pretty good, not overly expensive, and obviously they aren't deep fried. and of course, raw oysters too. Certainly you can't go wrong sticking to oysters, I agree. Cash only.