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Jan 19, 2007 05:53 PM

Best place to buy crab in Southern Marin?

I'm thinking about getting crab for dinner tonight. (It's still in season, right?) Any thoughts on best tasting and freshest? (Price is less of an issue.) Mollie Stone's, Fish, Mill Valley Market, Paradise Market, Bryan's in the Town Center? Thanks!

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  1. Haven't tried it personally there were some positive comments on Western Boat and Tackle in San Rafael

    A little pricy though, but quality matches the price, it seems. Sure smelled and looked good though.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Cooked, please. I really like the crab at Western Boat but don't want to fight the traffic from Mill Valley to San Rafael, especially on a Friday afternoon. Thanks though.

    1. Definietly not Mollie Stone's in Sausalito - their seafood dept is pricey and most of the seafood is not fresh. However, if you buy there anyway, always ask for an item from the end of the case closest to you - they put the good stuff out front and fill your order from the back, which is the old stuff. Have been burned too many times. Whole Foods guys in San Rafael will look you in the eye and tell you that their old seafood is fresh. United seafood staff is pretty honest, will tell you when it came in or was thawed. Reasonable prices. Sure wish we had a great seafood purveyor - I wind up going to the Chinese stores Clement Street, between 7th and 9th, which is closer than Ranch 99. Seafood is fresh and cheap.

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      1. re: 3catpainter

        If you are paying Whole Food and Mollie Stone prices, you might as well buy from Fish in Sausalito or Western Bait and Tackle in San Rafael. About the same price-wise, but far, far superior seafood.

        As far as Chinese, have you tried Asian Market in San Rafael? Supposedly they have fresh fish and lobsters.

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          The Asian Market has shelf items and a frozen section. I haven't seen fresh seafood there. Maybe this is something new?

          1. re: Sharuf

            Haven't made it there yet and was going on a 2007 Marin IJ article. Guess you can't trust the press.

      2. Santa Rosa Seafood sells cooked crab, just saw it on Saturday. They have a store in Santa Rosa and in Marin I know they are at the Marin Country Mart Farmers Markets on Saturday and the Civic Center FM on Sundays... maybe they're elsewhere in Marin on other days?

        If you want to make sure they've got what you need, you can call them (707-280-2285). In fact, you can have them get your order ready and just pick it up. I've done that when I've planned for a few guests and have worried about having what I want. In any case, Santa Rosa Seafood is terrific every time... and you can get some of the most lovely smoked salmon or trout for an appetizer.

        Santa Rosa Seafood
        946 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404