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Jan 19, 2007 05:18 PM

Chicago Mag Mile suggestions

I'm visiting chicago for the first time with a group of 5 friends, and we're looking for some good food. We're staying at the Hilton Chicago Suites/Magnificent Mile. Since we're 6 people, I'm looking for places that are good for groups and are fairly casual, and especially places for BBQ & brunch, though we're open to other food genres as well. Any suggestions are appreciated.
Also, any suggestions for good bars/lounges?
Places within walking distance are preferred.

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  1. Regarding your question specifically as it relates to barbecue options in and around downtown Chicago, read this discussion which began with a similar query:

    1. Since there are 6 of you it might be like herding cats...

      You're in luck because there's a huge concentration of bars, restaurants, etc. just a few blocks west of you around the intersection of Rush and State. Walk west on Delaware to Rush street then north on Rush and you'll see places everywhere.

      1. The Oak Tree in the Bloomingdale's building on north Mag Mile is fantastic for brunch, and great for a group. It can have a bit of a wait, so go prepared to shop a little for eating.