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Jan 19, 2007 05:11 PM

Bricco on Queen Anne (Seattle)

We are meeting friends there for snacks and some wine this weekend. I don't know anything about the place. Are reservations necessary/an option? Can we just order cheese and drinks rather than a 'real' meal?

Insight from real people rather than fake reviewers on Citysearch?

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  1. not sure what time you're planning to go, but it gets really, really busy, and fast. on a saturday night, i would say that there would already be a wait by about 630. there is a bar area that sounds like it would fit the bill, but the place isn't that big and a lot of people wait there for their tables. i'm not sure if they take reservations or not; i feel like they don't, but it might be worth a call. either way, their service, as i've seen it, has been pretty good.

    that said, it is definitely worth it. you can certainly go and just get some cheese or appetizers (many of the dishes are more appetizer-oriented; you just order as many as you want to make as big of a meal as you want) and drinks.

    overall, considering the wait and how long you might be there, you might want to make it into your main food destination for the night or wait for another night. i don't really see it as a drop in/drop out bar type place. good luck!

    1. If you're there by 6:00pm on Sat, you'll probably be alright depending on how many seats you need. There's a limited amount of tablespace and maybe 20 barstools (I don't recommend the stand-up bar as it's tiny and you have people sitting right behind you and trying to squeeze by you). If you just want cheese and wine they have a fairly extensive selection of both (many, many varieties of cheese to choose from), their website has a sample menu. Sounds like you're just doing appetizers but if you ever see the black cod on the menu, go for it, my fave.

      1. It wasn't bad at all. We arrived on Friday night around 7:30. While the place was full, it was not packed. We waited maybe 10 minutes, and then opted for the standing bar rather than a table. We weren't having dinner.

        The waitstaff was very accommodating. Attentive, but not overwhelming. He patiently made recommendations on wines. Then he plated together a cheese/meat plate for us because we aren't picky nor particularly educted in that realm. Excellent choices, on the whole.

        The bar was noisy, but not so much so that you couldn't carry a conversation. Ambiance is warm and inviting--very "neighborhood bar"/cozy feeling, with moody lighting and rich woods.

        Their signage needs to be lit though. We drove by, and didn't see it. Every other store on the street has lights on its sign, which leaves Bricco's only a shadow until you walk up.