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Jan 19, 2007 05:02 PM

Momofuku Ssam Dinner menu - different hams? Fish dishes?

Has anyone tried all four of the hams on the Momofuku menu, and can offer some guidance between them? I know everyone loves the Benton's, but I'm curious what all 4 have to offer . . .

Also, has anyone tried any of the fish dishes they offer? Or, for that matter, anything aside from the Bahn Mi, Pork Buns, Ssam, and Ham? The whole menu looks awesome to me, so trying to figure out what to order is tough (of course, there are worse things than having to choose between many different delicious options).

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  1. I've had the seafood stew (not reflected on the website menu, which is out of date) and really enjoyed it. Everything was fresh and well-cooked.

    1. excellent grilled mackerel and the cured hamachi, if it's on the menu

      1. I've had three of the four hams. Some are saltier, one is spicier. I think the Finchville is the spicier one, but I'd double check with the server. The three hams I've tried have all been good (though I'd pass on the apple butter and the bread that come along) but the Benton's just knocks the others out of the water.

        Friends of mine also like the sweetbreads, grilled rice cakes, and terrine.

        Don't forget to order mochi for dessert!