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Jan 19, 2007 04:46 PM

Whistler Trip - Reccomendations

Reccomendations for any good food/restuarants... casual, cheap, fancy, expensive... what ever is great. Thanks!

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  1. Caramba for pastas, pizza and a pretty satisfying pot roast. They also have a really delicious calamari appetizer, with fresh herbs, lemon and olive oil.

    Dublin Gate for pub fare and brews; fish and chips, sheperds pie, corned beef and cabbage, etc.

    The Brewhouse for sandwiches, prime rib and rotisserie chicken.

    Splitz Grill for pretty good burgers.

    All are casual and reasonably priced. Others will have to chime in for fancier, more expensive places.

    1. -Sushi Village or Sushi Ya for sushi.
      -Splitz Grill for one amazing burger, not kidding. More of a diner, very casual, but outstanding burgers!
      -Portobello - great sandwiches, made to order. Fantastic Mac & Cheese

      1. Araxi is a must for a fine dining meal. We eat there twice every trip. Great seafood and the best molten chocolate cake my wife has eaten anywhere. Great wine list also.

        Rim Rock is great also. Had an amazing venison chop last trip. Known for their seafood also.

        Bearfoot Bistro is probably the finest dining in Whistler. Its a two+ hour prix fix dinner with an outstanding winelist. We eat here every year also. Always great.

        I like the above mentioned places but they are very casual and very family friendly. I'm still looking for great sushi in Whistler.

        We are heading there again in March, so if you find a gem, please post it.

        1. Rim Rock - I agree OUTSTANDING food. The seafood plater is fantastic. However it is not a Cheap place, but worth every penny!