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Jan 19, 2007 04:33 PM

Favorite Leda flavor?

I've been having a blast perusing archives of the Sprinkles-Buttercake-Leda's-Auntie Em's-Joan's cupcakes evaluations. For my birthday I've decided to indulge in Leda's -- anyone care to weigh in on which flavors to pick first? I'm getting a dozen and am not opposed to trying one of each, if that's a reasonable option (this would mean I would personally forgo some of the flavors; not a terrible thing though). I don't know how many distinct flavors get churned out each day.

Thanks in advance all -- it's really fun reading everyone's posts!

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  1. Sorry, this should also perhaps also be on the "Los Angeles" board, but I don't see how to get to it?? Apologies...

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      I haven't been for a couple of months but the one with passionfruit and ... I can't remember was really tasty! Try a chocolate chip cookie when you pickup your cupcakes, those are good too!

      PS You ARE on the LA board.

    2. Dulce de Leche - by far! i've tried every flavor at leda's and this one i can always have seconds of, and thirds.

      1. In order of favoriteness -

        Yellow w. passionfruit filling.
        Lemon with lemon filling.
        Dulce de leche.
        Chocolate w. raspberry filling.
        And I think there was a peanut butter one.
        Carrot creamcheese.

        Buy the minis, and get more than you think you want/need.
        The minis are very small and don't share very well.

        1. These four seemed to be the favorites last time I bought Leda's cupcakes:

          Dulce de Leche
          Chocolate Peanut Butter

          And I agree with techbod about buying more than you think you need. Most people can easily eat three cupcakes, as they're only about two bites each.

          Enjoy! You won't be disappointed.

          1. My favorite is the carrot cake with blood orange curd filling and mascarpone frosting. After that, I really like the passion fruit and the lemon. (I think Leda has an amazingly deft touch with citrus-type flavors.)