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Jan 19, 2007 04:27 PM

Pick My Dinner

Ok.. maybe this is a bit lame, but I am a bit bored. So here you have it:

GF and I will be going out to dinner tonight. We like ALL cuisine and will try just about any place. We are brave enough to try some of the "more authentic" restaurants in places like Peru, etc. Basically, we are not scared to go anywhere. We will spend up to $25/ea with drinks, but prefer to spend less. We have had some of the best meals for the lowest costs since moving here last year. We will go anywhere from the beach to downtown in the vicinity of the 10 up to the hills. Basically, Santa Monica to Downtown and everything in between.

Costa Rican

You get the picture...

So, the first restaurant that gets three votes will be the winner and I promise to post our experiences.


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  1. go to Aroma Cafe. near pico and overland. cheap and delicious! and i think its underrated.

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      I would go there not because I've tried it, but because I always see people milling about in there and am so curious why business is always so good. But it's always on my way somewhere else...maybe tonight's the night!