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Jan 19, 2007 04:27 PM

restaurants- Columbus, Dublin area?

I'm visiting my husband this weekend. I haven't been there in two months (he's been visiting me) and we're tryin to decide where to eat.

we're going to yoshi's tonight (love it) for sushi so that covers that

tomorrow, my husband wants to hit up city bbq for lunch. Any reccs for dinner? so far we have only been to Tuccis (pretty good). it can be either fancy or not fancy as long as it's good.

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    1. I second Burgundy Room in Dublin. I like it even better than their Short North location because it is so big and the decor is gorgeous. I am a big Yoshi's fan, too! Another good place is Trattoria La Tavola on Riverside Drive just below 161. Their website is because they used to be in Powell and moved. The prices are good and it's got really great, creative Italian food.

      1. I have been craving yoshi's for 8 weeks!

        1. Have you tried Taste of Bali? It is an Indonesian place on Bethel. Bethel Rd. has a lot of good Asian food -- Panda Inn for Chinese and Min Ga for Korean.