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Jan 19, 2007 04:23 PM

What to order at Ruth Chris ???

I'll be going to the Ruth Chris in Beverly Hills tomorrow night and wanted some recommendations on what to order. I'm not particular about what cut of meat to get, but I want something good. Also suggestions on sides and dessert will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advancce!

does anyone know their policy on corkage?


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  1. I like the filet rare. Their bisque is usually very good for a starter. For sides, I stick to any of the potato variations. The RC in Pasadena has a $15 corkage, so that may be what it is in BH. Have fun!

    1. Ruth's food is consistant with everything in the very good range. There are no tanscendent items but there are very few clunkers. Order what you like and it will be very good, I like the pomme frites with the best steak of the day.

      1. when my husband and i go, we either get the porterhouse for two, or he'll get the t-bone and i'll get the petite filet. as for sides - creamed spinach, tomato and onion salad and potato (either the baked or mashed). the bacon that comes with the baked potato might be the best tasting thing i have ever had. for apps, the crabtini is pretty tasty. i can't recommend a dessert, b/c we have never had room for anything after the meal.

          1. thanks for all the input! It seems like i can't go wrong at ruth chris's.

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              I would say so. Try the scalloped potatoes too!