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What to order at Ruth Chris ???

I'll be going to the Ruth Chris in Beverly Hills tomorrow night and wanted some recommendations on what to order. I'm not particular about what cut of meat to get, but I want something good. Also suggestions on sides and dessert will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advancce!

does anyone know their policy on corkage?


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  1. I like the filet rare. Their bisque is usually very good for a starter. For sides, I stick to any of the potato variations. The RC in Pasadena has a $15 corkage, so that may be what it is in BH. Have fun!

    1. Ruth's food is consistant with everything in the very good range. There are no tanscendent items but there are very few clunkers. Order what you like and it will be very good, I like the pomme frites with the best steak of the day.

      1. when my husband and i go, we either get the porterhouse for two, or he'll get the t-bone and i'll get the petite filet. as for sides - creamed spinach, tomato and onion salad and potato (either the baked or mashed). the bacon that comes with the baked potato might be the best tasting thing i have ever had. for apps, the crabtini is pretty tasty. i can't recommend a dessert, b/c we have never had room for anything after the meal.

          1. thanks for all the input! It seems like i can't go wrong at ruth chris's.

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              I would say so. Try the scalloped potatoes too!

            2. I like the lamb chops - I'm not much of a steak eater, but I like lamb. I also like the creamed spinach! Enjoy

              1. Stick with the steak or lamb, I had an ahi tuna stack because I wasn't in the mood for meat. It was ok not great. DH on the other hand had the filet and was really happy. We both liked the tomato, blue cheese and onion salad and the frites a lot. We were comped dessert, it wasn't stellar, but we were pretty stuffed.

                1. I ate at the Beverly Hills location for the first time recently and it was terrible. The porterhouse for two...they cut the meat off the bone into pieces so that the meat cooks quickly, then they "reassemble" it around the bone to serve...that means that like 2/3 of your steak is overcooked! That's so hack it's unbelieveable.

                  All of the sides taste like they are frozen and reheated. The potatoes "au gratin" are diced (diced au gratin? what?) and served in a flavorless bechamel-type sauce with cheddar cheese on top. (Can we say stouffers?)

                  For the money you will spend, you could literally go to Jar or for a little more, Cut. I was actually surprised, I thought that Ruth's Chris was supposed to be a pretty decent chain but definitely is not.

                  1. The bf and I ate at the Ruths Chris in Beverly Hills on New Years Eve. This was our first time dining at a Ruths Chris. We had made reservations for 10:00 but wasn't seated until around 10:30, which was okay with us. We sat at the bar and had a couple of drinks while we waited. I started off with the onion soup au gratin, which I thought was quite good. The bf started off with the steak house salad. He ordered it with the balsamic vinegarette dressing, which was absolutely deliscious! I also ordered teh petite filet mignon with shrimp. The filet was cooked to medium. I passed on the butter for the steak, it just didnt sound good to have butter on steak, but now I wish I had gotten it because the steaks that the waiters were taking to other tables had it and the butter smelled soooo good! The bf got the filet mignon..cooked medium also. The steaks were juicy and tender.
                    The shrimp was okay, but I probably wouldn't get them next time. Our sides were the potatoes au gratin, which was really good....and the fresh asparagus with hollandaise sauce, which was also good. I really wanted to try the spinach au gratin, but the bf doesn't like spinach. We ended our meal with sharing the cheesecake. We had a few bites there and brought the rest of it home. I really enjoyed my meal and will definately be going back.

                    1. The best sweet item I have had there is the Sweet potato casserole. If you do not have a sweet tooth, don't bother but if I was at a Ruths Chris again, I would get it as a dessert. Also note that they do not offer it all the time or at every location.

                      1. ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!

                        IGNORE ALL OF THESE OTHER POSTERS!!


                        It is the best steak on the menu, by far. It is so much better than the strip or the t-bone that I'm shocked that people even recommend those cuts. Bone in-ribeye, medium rare. You will not be disappointed.

                        If either of you would prefer a less marbled cut, then just go with the filet, maybe oscar style (lump crabmeat and bernaise)

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                            thanks for everyone's suggestions! it was greatly appreciated. I ended up having the T-bone and my bf had the ribeye. I like both of them alot, but as i'm not a big meat person, i thought the steak was abit not as tender as i would have liked it. we ordered medium-rare on the rare side, and they actually cooked it medium. however, if i got anything out of the meal- i have to say that the wait staff was exceotional. they redid our steaks immediately, comped us on dessert (chocolate souffle cake with ganache center was really GOOD!) and a side. overall it was a good meal. however, my bf said that his previous experiences in terms of food at ruth's chris were better. anyhow, in case anyone is down in the OC area, just went to a place called bungalow and i thought their ribeye was better than ruth's chris. once again, thanks so much !!!

                          2. We often at at the RC in Irvine, California and I always order their chopped salad. It is consistently delicious.