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Jan 19, 2007 04:17 PM

A Good Place to Buy Liquor Between Downtown and the Mission?

Hi all:

I am looking for a good liquor store either in Downtown SF, Mission, or anywhere in between. I am specifically looking for Pampero Anniversario Rum, which isn't too tough to find, but probably can't be had at the local corner store. Pampero aside, it would also be nice just to know of a good place to stock up. Thanks for your help!

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  1. K&L has a great selection of high-end liquor.

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    1. My personal favorite, Blackwell's in the Richmond

      John Walker & Co. in the the FiDi

      and of course, BevMo in the Richmond and the new one on Van Ness!

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      1. re: courtneyp

        The BevMo on Bayshore right off the 101 (Bayshore/Cesar Chavez exit) is easily accessible if driving from downtown to the Mission (much more so than the Richmond neighborhood would be; I am not sure about Van Ness since I don't konw where the new one is on Van Ness, but unless it is on South Van Ness, Bayshore would also be a better bet to most of the Mission).

        For something hard to find I'd also check K and L.

      2. There's definitely a well-stocked liquor store downtown - I just walked by it yesterday but I can't remember the name. Somewhere near California /Battery/Sansome area... maybe someone else knows what I'm referring to?

        1. The Jug Shop (Polk and Pacific) carries Pampero Anniversario:

          I haven't even been to The Jug Shop, but my friend bought me a hard-to-find Napa Cab there, so I assume it has a decent selection. Here's the page with the rest of their spirits selection:

          My personal favorite is K&L, which is recommended in other posts. They list their inventory and prices on their web site: