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Jan 19, 2007 04:07 PM

Coco Roco on Smith for sale

Not surprised to find this listing...wonder what will turn up next in this now cursed location?

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  1. Good riddance, god that place was a disaster. A waste of a potentially great restaurant space.

    1. just as long as the park slope one stays where it is!

        1. I remember seeing that ad a couple of years ago when the original Peruvian place there went out of business. At the time they were asking more like $275K, so looks like a fire sale to me.

          1. Naidre's, both locations, also for sale.
            And Blue Apron on Seventh just changed hands and reopened with a new name, "Grab", a fresh paint job, and the shelves still look too empty.

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            1. re: flo

              REALLY???? to blue apron i mean. i was just there a week ago. eek. i thought they were doing well.