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Jan 19, 2007 04:03 PM

"Nasty Bits" by Anthony Bourdain

I just got my free copy of "Nasty Bits" by Anthony Bourdain. After trying to get through it on the way to work this morning, I come away relieved that I didn't pay for the book. I like Bourdain...I find him amusing but this book is just a retread of his more obnoxious musings; Americans eat like shit, fusion is the devil, dishwashers are badass, chefs are outlaws, rascals and rogues...or at least the good ones are.


Is anyone else beginning to find his writing style a little tedious? I'm waiting for him to produce something of merit, something useful, something worth poring over.

This book isn't it.

I was half tempted to leave my copy on the subway for someone more appreciative.

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  1. I left my copy in London for the same reason.

    1. Haven't read his stuff, but this part of his persona on TV is a real turn off-- the faux bad-ass danger junkie, who just happens to be on carefully planned freebie junkets surrounded by camera and sound crews. When he plays the role of an open-eyed explorer with even a little humility and self-awareness, his travels can be fascinating. Otherwise, it's a hipster doofus joke.

      1. I'm reading my free copy now and it is pretty good, but I am releived I did not pay for it. HIs other book, Kitchen Confidential, is much better and kept me much more interested.

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          Bourdain has written many books, including several fiction novels. Nasty Bits is in line with his previous book, A Cook's Tour, insofar as they are accompaniments to his TV series. He's basically describing his adventures as he films the shows. There's certainly plenty of commentary beyond what was on TV, but the main focus is the show. I wouldn't compare either of these "show" books to his unique insider bio, Kitchen Confidential.

        2. I've read about half of my free copy and, while I've enjoyed it, I've found his writing style a bit much to read the whole thing straight through. I have temporarily put the book down in favor of other reading. It seems like there is a lot of whining in his pieces, which inevitably end with him saying he knows he shouldn't be whining. These pieces were all originally published in magazines, etc, so I can see them being very enjoyable on their own, but it's too heavy as a whole.

          1. How on earth did you people all get free copies (and where do I get mine?)

            If someone here doesn't want it, I'll gladly pay shipping charges to take yours off your hands.

            (Now if only I knew a way to get my contact information to you...)

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            1. re: NYChristopher

              Amstel was giving these away if you signed up on their website (in November, I believe). Almost everyone's copies have been arriving this past week, so there's a lot of posting about it now.