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Jan 19, 2007 03:47 PM

Korean Dinner Tonight - Pre Knicks Game

Hello Hounds,
Suggestions for great Korean near MSG? Thanks!!

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  1. I'd go to Kang Suh, south side of 32nd right off Broadway. Seating is upstairs for the bbqs.

    1. Any feelings on Kum Gang San? 32nd just East of Broadway? I've had two non-hounds recommend this place, but I trust you guys more!!!

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        I love Kum Gang San, I may not be an expert, but I've enjoyed the food there many times. I've heard tales of bad service and being rushed out of there, but I've had quite opposite experiences. And I find that when sharing with a group, no matter how much we order, we always seem to pay no more than a magical $20 a head.

      2. to be honest, i think they are all the same unless you go to NJ or Flushing.

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        1. re: Monica

          this is more or less true. in the post below, i mentioned my preferences on 32nd st, but in reality nothing in k-town is very good; serviceable at best.

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            Third this sentiment... Jersey and Flushing is where its at for Korean.

            That being said, if you get BBQ at places like Kang Suh or Kum Gan San you'll probably enjoy yourself.

        2. Kum Gang San is fine, you won't have a terrible meal there, but I prefer Kang Suh -- the ban chan (small plate sides) are a little better and I like the kalbi (short ribs) there as well. They stopped using the open charcoal pits and converted to gas flame on the tables like many of the other korean restaurants in the area (this used to be a favorite feature for me), but the food is still better.

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            for soups and stews and good ban chan (their BBQ is not coal and I haven't had it, but they do it), Seoul Garden on 32nd. It's upstairs, on the south side of the street, on the Broadway end. Look up for the sign.

          2. depends what kind of atmosphere you're seeking. personally, i think most of the food in k-town is awful but a lot of non-korean folks seem to choose whichever place they feel more comfortable in.

            don't get suckered into the tourist traps like kum gang san. of all the places on 32nd, they serve the absolute worst food and are terribly overpriced.

            my go-to place by default is choong moo ro, which is on the south side of w. 32nd st between broadway and 5th. it's reasonably authentic and the food is good enough for me, an unabashed korean food snob, for the times when i have a korean craving and don't want to head out to flushing or northern nj. the decor is nothing special but you'll eat better here than elsewhere on the block.

            i should note that more than a few of my korean friends like kun jip, which is located across the street from choong moo ro, but i'm not a fan. and there's always gam mee ok, on the same street but closer to broadway. note that this place doesn't have bbq; instead, it serves sullungtang, bindaedduk, soondae, a random bo ssam dish, and bi bim bap for non-koreans.