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Jan 19, 2007 03:45 PM


Just got a bottle of this as a gift. Any clues what kind of wine is it? Will it go well with a meat free brunch.

The estate is Kallfelz and the vintage 2005. I also got a couple of Reislings from the same estate.

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  1. Weissburgunder is Pinot Blanc, the same grape found in Alsace. Haven't tried the Kallfelz but the wine should be an easy drinker that will go well with many brunch dishes. Not a keeper, so drink sooner, not later.

    1. I had several bottles of Weissburgunder last year. They were great.

      1. Thanks carswell and ChewFun. Willl enjoy it tomorrow!

        1. Hiedler is credited with making one of the better Austria pinot blancs. It does well with a moderate amount of oak.