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Jan 19, 2007 03:41 PM

Just got back from Trinidad, and I'm jonesing... help!

Hey all... while my wife and i were in trinidad, we fell in love with the street food, especially doubles. i think i had 30 of them in the 5 days we were there, all from different purveyors. i'm aware that i won't be able to replicate what these guys make every day for a living, but a close approximation would be great. anyone have a good, authentic recipe?
with that in mind, i'd also love to try to make a trinidadian style pepper sauce... i think that that should be easier. seemed like peppers, onion, garlic, vinegar, a touch of salt, cook down and puree. if i'm missing something, let me know.

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  1. can't help you with the doubles, but here's a link to a jerk recipe, and some hot sauces linked within *that* thread. You like the mustardy Trini sauces? Mustard is a potential ingredient you left out. Also you can cook or not cook with the ingredients you have above.
    Habs and scotch bonnets = interchangeable.

    or take a trip to Brooklyn and hit Ali's Roti and a bunch of other fabulous places . . .

    1. Check out your local Carribean grocer - you might be able to find Matouk's Kuchela and pepper sauces. They are terrific. There are also some online sites that sell this - try googling Matouk's

      I have a GREAT local roti joint where they prep the rotis on the spot for take out so I have to confess that I've never ventured into cooking them myself :-) My uncle is a trini though so I grew up on good stuff.

      1. Sorry, I can't help you with recipes, but I just had to chime in about doubles. Aren't they the most fantastic snack food? There's a Trini place about 5 minutes from my house that sells them for $1.50 each, and I make regular afternoon runs to fill my craving.

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          I agree, i'm obsessed with doubles. Here in brooklyn they are a dollar each and boy, I have to stop myself from eating four at a time!

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            I'm obsessed with doubles, too... and unfortunately, here in Chapel Hill there isn't a population that supports that kind of cuisine. They are incredible street food, though. And the thing is that in Trinidad they were 2.50 TT, or about 40 cents apiece. Holy s**t. This is why I want a recipe, darn it!
            As far as pepper sauce goes, the ones that I had didn't seem to have any mustard, though I might be mistaken. Definitely scotch bonnet peppers and the other ingredients... and I have tons of chilis frozen left over from a bumper crop in my garden from this summer. I'll test some stuff out and see if I can replicate... then report back.
            Incidentally, I had roti a couple of times while I was down there, and while it was good, it wasn't close to the rapture I had from really great doubles. This place in curepe called "D'Original Sauce" was the freakin' bomb... and with "plenty peppa" on it, it was so hot it made my ears ring. Truly excellent.
            Also really dug shark and bake and the barbeque chicken and lamb we had. I got recipes for those while I was there, though. The doubles guys were too busy to tell me how to do it. Oh well...

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              you might want to try different vinegars with your peppa mash
              fer instance, we were using malt and cider vinegars in a basic habanero salsa with red onion when we figured out that nasty cheap white vinegar got us to the flavor we were looking for

              keep this thread alive and I'll try to squeeze doubles technique info out of my friends from T&T . . . cause I think it's all about technique and not so much about ingredients

              cool wiki entry, Val. I had no idea Ali's was a chain!

        2. For anyone who is wondering "What the heck are doubles?" here's a link and by the way, I'm SURE I would just freak out over them, they sound so awesome!

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            Thanks Val. I was wondering and figured I'd have to ask my friend who is from Trinidad. Now that I know and they sound delicious, I'll have to ask her to make them for me. She makes amazing Roti too but only rarely. Yum.