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Best Take Out or Delivery in Arlington

I'll throw out my 2 favorites: Pie Tanza and Bangkok 54 (both take out). Any other recommendations would be really appreciated! We like all types of food.

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  1. Food Factory's curry and bread; they've updated the interior and offer more choices now.

    Anything Vietnamese: A vat of soup from Pho 75 or vermicelli with grilled pork from Four Sisters or any of its neighbors. The sandwiches from Banh Mi DC on 50 (closer to Falls Church) are cheap and tasty.

    1. Ravi Kabob, Pollo Rico and Taqueria El Charrito Caminante are all excellent.

      1. Thai Square (takeout/delivery)
        Ravi Kabob (takeout)
        Nam Viet (takeout)
        Lebanese Taverna (takeout)
        El Pollo Rico (takeout)
        Super Pollo (takeout)

        1. Bangkok 54 also delivers

          I'd pick Ravi Kabob over Food Factory for carry-out since they're fairly close to one another

          for the record Banh Mi DC sandwhich (Route 50 and Graham Rd)IS in Falls Church, as is Four Sisters/Eden Center

          PieTanza is a good choice for carry-out since they are so kid-friendly the atmosphere approaches that of Chuck E Cheese, best to get in and out quick

          1. forgot to mention, it's now harder to eat in at Taqueria El Charrito Caminante, they've removed the wooden counters and most of the bar stools that used to flank the main counter, now there's room for one person or two very close friends to eat on the edges of the main counter, 4 bar stools remain.

            1. Yeah yeah, geography wasn't a strong suit. I suppose since I live in Arlington but still drive to those places for takeout regularly that I consider them close to home! Especially Four Sisters...Banh Mi is a bit of a haul.

              And I must admit I was disappointed they removed the stools from Taqueria El Charrito Caminante. Was a nice place to grab a quick lunch.

              Pizza takeout: Italian Store. Also great for their takeout sandwiches. Beware the lines.

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                Has anybody noticed a difference in the pizza at the Italian Store lately? A month or two ago, we got slices and they were terrible.

                BTW, it wasn't TECC's idea to take out the stools.

                1. re: bacchante

                  Are you saying they violated some kind of code? Our government to the rescue, saving us from convenient eating.

                  There are still a couple left so you can eat at the front counter, though it cuts down on the possibilities.

                  1. re: Steve

                    I didn't ask him, but when I was at TECC last week it seemed only like a redecorating job; new tiles on the walls were going in that day. I'm betting the stools do come back.

                    1. re: Dennis S

                      I did ask, and it is definitely a code issue. I think, judging on a similar situation that happened elsewhere in Arlington, that it has to do with what defines a place as a restaurant vs. carryout and the availability of public restrooms.

                      1. re: bacchante

                        yeah, they're not zoned for dining in.... so the counters had to be removed.

                  2. re: bacchante

                    Frankly, I've never been impressed by the Italian Store's sandwiches or pizza--I think it's all overrated and overpriced (especially the pizza!). You can get twice the amount of pizza that's twice as good at infinite places in NYC. Good 'za in this area? Mamma Lucia (not the chain) and Pomodorro's (both in Fairfax).

                    1. re: smioth

                      I agree with you about the pizza. But the sandwiches are great.

                      1. re: smioth

                        This is true what you say about NY pizza, but we are not in NY so we have to make do with what we have...and in that vein, Italian Store pizza is pretty damn good....for Arlington, VA.

                  3. The Lebanese Taverna Market. Oh man, went there on Sunday, sooooo good.

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                    1. re: jpschust

                      No doubt...Lebanese Taverna is ~ 1" from my place and it is goooood!