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Jan 19, 2007 03:26 PM

Klee Restaurant on Ninth and 22nd

Anyone been? Nice interior, decent-looking menu, moderate's the food/wine/service?

Reports, please, and thanks.

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  1. in a few early visits it was rather inconsistent and the food a little disappointing (the chef seemed to spend a lot of time in the dining room). nice wine list but not all the selections were available early on. good wine service. otherwise luck of the draw - servers are friendly and strive but not all well-trained.

    the Alsatian tart itself though is worth a visit if you're in the area and i'm sure they're working out the kinks. if you want to check it out, you may want to go to the bar - it's fun and they offer the entire menu there.

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      Thanks, nuxvomica. Klee is only 3 blocks from my place so it's a neighborhood place and not a destination resaurant. Sounds like they're working out the existential kinks....maybe try them in the spring....

      Had a similar experience at Knife + Fork in the EV....went there about a month after it opened, had decent food and service (tho it's small and we were early diners), but there were odd (to me, anyway) food offerings, like Irish Soda bread as standard pre-meal stuff when it was hot and toasty outside...something lighter would have done the trick. And an amuse bouche of tomato broth sans flavor...entree and wine were tres good tho.

    2. if you're 3 blocks away, you should definitely check it out for a light bite at the bar - get the tart, some oysters and a glass of wine and you'll have a good time. i would be there in a heartbeat for that if i lived close enough.