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Jan 19, 2007 03:22 PM

TriBeCa Restaurant

Looking for a good restaurant in TriBeCa for a business lunch for 6. Any ideas?

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  1. landmarc is great. I really like that place. Also, the Harrison is wonderful and a really nice atmosphere.

      1. landmarc actually was quite rude to a big take out party order we were going to make yesterday. We called at 11:50 to place an order for around $300, they said they didn't open for lunch until 12 and we would have to call back.

        We then asked why we couldn't place the order and if it would be possible to speak with someone to just take our order to be made at 12PM when the restaurant opened.

        They kept us on hold until 12PM precisely then picked up the phone and asked to take our order. We only stayed on the phone to see if this was what they were going to do, and laugh at the outrageous customer service.

        I understand they don't open for lunch until 12PM, but you would think for such a large order, they could at least take the order, make it when the kitchen opens and then have us go pick it up afterwards. Keeping us on hold until the appropriate time was a bit much.