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Jan 19, 2007 03:22 PM

Restaurants in 19th?

Hello! We are going to Paris in mid-April and are considering staying in an apartment in the 19th. Are there any interesting restaurants/shops/sites in the area? I especially like markets for produce and farm goods.

I do understand that the 19th is a bit out of the hubub of more central locations, but that is part of the appeal to us. I would prefer to have a more residential place to stay, and visit the busy center during the day. Anyone with any advice?

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  1. Being out of the hubbub is a good idea. But the 19th.... there is precious little for a Chowhound, even one like myself who likes to explore and get off the beaten path. I'd go for a neighborhood bar faster than a starred restaurant (and enjoy it more, too) but I'm afraid you will even find a dearth of those in the 19th.

    Also, one of the reasons nobody stays in the 19th -apart from a couple of backpacker hotels- is that the metro stops are not convenient or on a major line. It would even be easier to stay outside of Paris in a more convenient suburb than in the 19th. I hope someone can tell me I'm wrong....

    1. There are a growing number of excellant places in the 20th. My number one choice in that arr. is Le Baratin and highly recommend it to you. You can jump on the RER for a trip to Les Magnolias. It is wonderful in the more modern cuisine as begun by Feran Adria. You must reserve and be prepared to spend big bucks (way less than Pierre Gagnay or L'Arpege). They have a web site--check it out and the wonderful pictures of the food. Address is

      1. Hi Tracey, one of my favorite restaurants is in the 19th. Its called Les Camelots, 115 rue de Belleville. For 30 euros, the Menu is one of the best deals in Paris. The vietnamese food in that area is good too.

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          Visconti-That sounds great! I will definitely research Les Camelots. My husband and I both love Vietnamese too.

          Steve-Thanks for the concern about beingout of the way. We were worried about that too, so we made sure that the apartment is about 1 block from a metro stop that will take us to the center of Paris. Not too bad.

        2. Actually, if you're near Belleville (where the 19th, 20th, 10th, and 11th meet), there's plenty of restauranting to be had, although most of it is not starred and "ethnic" (following the neighborhood's demographics). At the corner of rue Louis Bonnet and rue de la presentation, there's a Vietnamese place with great Pho. Also, somewhere around 36 rue l'Orillon (near rue de la presentation) there's a Thai place with great Green Mango salad and vegetarian options.

          Also, Le Chateaubriand (properly in the 10th arr.) won some accolades on . It's 129 av Parmentier, just N. of the Goncourt stop on the 11 line.

          1. Three spots that are well reviewed in the 19th are Cave Gourmanf(Eric Frechon's original place), Au Boeuf Couronné, and a hybrid wine bar/bistro called Chapeau Melon