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Jan 19, 2007 02:42 PM

Full Sail

I'm just curious about what people who have tried a large number of beers think about Full Sail's collection. I had a bottle of the pale ale last night and really enjoyed it. Very citrusy in the bitter sense, not acidic, like a szechuan peppercorn. Anyways, I just wanted to know if many people enjoy their beers.

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  1. Full Sail was my first microbrew experience. Had it back in '92 on a trip to Seattle. I liked it quite a bit back then, but haven't had it in many years.

    1. I think their beers are excellent. I've stopped in the brewpub in Hood River on several occasions and have always enjoyed the hang. I like most of their varieties, something that can't be said for most craft beer offerings.

      1. I bought a couple six packs of their wassail winter beer on a recommendation and have enjoyed it. At first, I didn't think much, but one night i had two and paid more attention to it and really liked it. I think the better flavors accumulate after more sips.
        I also tried their wreck the halls and didn't think it was as good as some of the other christmasy beers (celebration; yulesmith; alaskan)

        I had their pale ale on tap recently though and that was by far my favorite of theirs that i've had: definitely something fruity about it that was very suprising and went really well with the pale ale flavor. A very unique beer that i'd like to find in bottles.

        1. Their pale ale has become one of my favorite's down here in sunny Florida :)

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            I've tried three of their beers and have not been particularly impressed.

            The Old Boardhead was an OK barleywine but a bit out of balance on the hoppy side. I know that's a West Coast thing, but I like my barleywines to have a rich malt flavor, whether they are hoppy or not.

            Same problem with the Wassail, which was also marred by a surprising fusel alcohol character.

            Just this past week I was in Florida and tried the IPA which was an absolute disaster. Lemony and herbacious with a harsh mouthfeel, I threw it down the drain after a few sips.

            I have a few other beers by Full Sail in my cellar that are in their specialty lines and I sure hope they are more impressive than what I have tasted so far.

            1. re: Little T.

              Where can you buy Full Sail in South Florida?

              1. re: Ken1

                I found it at Publix in Cape Coral, but I don't know what side of the state you're on. Total wine has it also.

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                  I've seen it in the Tampa area at World of Beer.

              2. i recently tried the amber ale and thought it had great flavor and body - actually quite dry for an amber.