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Full Sail

I'm just curious about what people who have tried a large number of beers think about Full Sail's collection. I had a bottle of the pale ale last night and really enjoyed it. Very citrusy in the bitter sense, not acidic, like a szechuan peppercorn. Anyways, I just wanted to know if many people enjoy their beers.

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  1. Full Sail was my first microbrew experience. Had it back in '92 on a trip to Seattle. I liked it quite a bit back then, but haven't had it in many years.

    1. I think their beers are excellent. I've stopped in the brewpub in Hood River on several occasions and have always enjoyed the hang. I like most of their varieties, something that can't be said for most craft beer offerings.

      1. I bought a couple six packs of their wassail winter beer on a recommendation and have enjoyed it. At first, I didn't think much, but one night i had two and paid more attention to it and really liked it. I think the better flavors accumulate after more sips.
        I also tried their wreck the halls and didn't think it was as good as some of the other christmasy beers (celebration; yulesmith; alaskan)

        I had their pale ale on tap recently though and that was by far my favorite of theirs that i've had: definitely something fruity about it that was very suprising and went really well with the pale ale flavor. A very unique beer that i'd like to find in bottles.

        1. Their pale ale has become one of my favorite's down here in sunny Florida :)

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            I've tried three of their beers and have not been particularly impressed.

            The Old Boardhead was an OK barleywine but a bit out of balance on the hoppy side. I know that's a West Coast thing, but I like my barleywines to have a rich malt flavor, whether they are hoppy or not.

            Same problem with the Wassail, which was also marred by a surprising fusel alcohol character.

            Just this past week I was in Florida and tried the IPA which was an absolute disaster. Lemony and herbacious with a harsh mouthfeel, I threw it down the drain after a few sips.

            I have a few other beers by Full Sail in my cellar that are in their specialty lines and I sure hope they are more impressive than what I have tasted so far.

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              Where can you buy Full Sail in South Florida?

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                I found it at Publix in Cape Coral, but I don't know what side of the state you're on. Total wine has it also.

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                  I've seen it in the Tampa area at World of Beer.

              2. i recently tried the amber ale and thought it had great flavor and body - actually quite dry for an amber.

                1. Heavy Seas Hop Ale (IPA) is pretty fantastic... I've not had a whole lot of experience with their other beers.

                  1. The Full Sail Pale Ale and Amber Ale are two beers near the top of my list. They're never actually the ones I head off in search of, now that I think about it, but they're almost always the second choice and I'm never sad about it.

                    1. Their Session Lager is a great summer beer.

                      1. man, the full sail LTD edition beers, judging solely by the first one, are amazing
                        i found the first one down in san diego a couple weeks ago and it was probably the best lager i've ever had.
                        havent found around LA yet - anyone seen any?
                        so delicious

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                          Yeah, I picked up some of this in Phoenix about three months ago....I agree, it was amazing. Haven't seen any in the stores for awhile. I guess I'll just have to look forward to No. 2!

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                            No. 2 is out! I found two six packs today! Gonna scrounge for some more. I hope it's as good as No. 1, cuz that was a STEAL at $6.50 a six

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                              unfirtunately no. 2 is not as great as no. 1
                              doesn't have the creaminess that made the lager so incredibly and surprsingly smooth
                              it's good; it's just a little sharper

                        2. When I lived on the west coast, I drank Full Sail's beers regularly. Their pale ale is good. I thought that their robust amber ale and very dry, clean IPA were even better. Their dark Winter Wassail (which is not actually spiced with anything other than copious amounts of hops) was also very good.

                          My favorite Full Sail beer of all was their seasonal Imperial Porter.

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                            They have some outstanding specialty beers that I've had recently. Unfortunately, they don't see very wide release.

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                              The Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Porter I had years ago was one of the tastiest beers I've ever had.

                            2. Just tried the pale ale a few days ago. Can't wait to try the amber. I really liked the pale ale. I don't have the words to really identify what I specifically liked about it but will keep trying. BTW I usually drink Shiner and Fat Tire.

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                                I recently had a really nice IPA from them called Nugget, named after the hop variety used. Good stuff.

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                                  Hops were likely a big part of it. Full Sail's PA is very crisp and focussed. Try their IPA too. Full Sail's amber has got a nice malty richness -- and is additionally unusually hoppy for the style.

                                  When I had access to FS's brews, I especially loved their Imperial Porter.

                                2. I just picked up a sixer of their Pale Ale yesterday. It was my first experience with them and I must say that really enjoyed it. Hops were very balanced so that you tasted them, but they didn't kick you in the pants, which made for a nice, easy to drink, refreshing brew.