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Jan 19, 2007 02:18 PM


Niman Ranch has great (and decently priced) logs of pancetta, but their shipping costs are steep. Thoughts on anywhere in DC/VA where I could pick up a 2-3 pound log of pancetta?

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  1. Arrowine in N Arlington on Old Lee Hwy carries D'Artagnag ventreche, pretty much the same thing as pancetta. The rounds are pre-wrapped and weigh about a pound. I can't recall if they also carry it bulk that can be sliced to order. They will also special order items for you, but I don't know if only from certain purveyors. You might ask about the Niman Ranch type because I think they carry some of their products.

    Other places to try:

    The Italian Store - N Arlington; Lee Hwy and Spout Run

    Balducci's - McLean

    Dean & DeLuca - DC/GTown, M Street

    A. Litteri - Washington, DC, NE, I believe

    Wegman's - I haven't been to one in some time, so I don't know if they carry pancetta; they seem to have a great selection of all other types of meats.

    Best of luck -

    Cocinero Cubano