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Jan 19, 2007 01:46 PM

Buffalo Area: Middle Eastern?

It occurred to me that I've seen mention in the national news that there's a sizeable Arab population clustered in one of the suburbs, maybe Tonawanda? Is this true, and if so are there any good places serving their food?

I visit on business from NYC every couple of months. I've tried the local specialties (Duff's for wings, Grover's for Friday fish fry, a few beef-on-wecks) and have started to look for other things. A good felafel or shwarma is always welcome...


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  1. My favorite middle eastern in Buffalo is the Falafel Bar on Elmwood near Potomac. Directly across the street is the more expensive but not neccessarily better Sahara Grill. At 1230 Hertel is a new place run by an Iranian family called the Buffalo Kebab House; I have not been able to visit yet but there is some good word of mouth. Some other places are scattered about the suburbs, but I haven't tried any: presumably Teta's on Tranit Rd. in E. Amherst is good if you are out that way.

    1. I am in the suburbs....Teta's is good. There is also Sara's on Crosspoint in Getzville which is very good. (Sara's is take out only.) Also in Getzville on Campbell Bvd there is Byblos which is sit-down and also good.