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Jan 19, 2007 12:50 PM

Astoria-Broadway recomendations please

Hi everyone- Any suggestions for a great restaurant on Broadway for this weekend? I am really open to any cuisine. Thanks in advance!

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  1. My faves are Aliada on 30th Street and Broadway (for Greek), and Sac's on 29th and Broadway (for Italian). I live off 29th St. and these are great. If you want to venture off B'way, I suggest Brick or Locale, both of which are a little more trendy, reasonably priced and really good!

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      Thanks so much- I will definitely check out these tonight- Brick looks awesome :-)

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        Brick is a great option for us in the neighb. Good prices, good food selection and in the summer there is a very extensive outdoor area.

    2. Check out this thread:

      It is a little out of date as Le Sans Souci closed down, El Potro has a new name (Luna) and Ploes has new management. Otherwise I think it's pretty accurate.

      In my opinion, 31st ave is better for restaurants than Broadway, there is Brick Cafe, Himalaya Tea House, JJs, Zenon and a new place, Il Bambino ( which I haven't been to yet.

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        I went to Il Bambino last night, and I loved the food. Here is a review I wrote elsewhere:

        OK, I went to Il Bambino this evening with a foodie musician friend tonight, and I have to say, we both enjoyed it very much. The food was truly excellent with clean, vibrant flavors. We decided to have tapas as opposed to paninis. We had:

        Smoked tomato bisque to start. A substantial bowl with lots of smokey peppery goodness that did not overpower the tomato flavor. It came with a crostini that was covered in a sundried/ovendried tomato spread with finely grated parmesan on the top.

        Il Bambino Antipasti: giant beans in salsa verde, house marinated artichoke hearts, roasted piquillo (I think) peppers, roasted and marinated cipolline onions, and beets with goat cheese. I loved the onions especially and also liked the earthiness of the beets. It was beautifully plated, too.

        Salad of asparagus with parmesan and portabello vinaigrette: asparagus was grilled (love the grill marks), parmesan (really good stuff) was microplaned on top. The vinaigrette had good sized bits of mushroom in it and it was nicely balanced a tiny bit on the acid side, which is the way I like it.

        Salad of beans with chorizo and salsa verde: More giant beans! Yum. They were covered in the same stuff the beans in the antipasti were, kind of a chimichurri sauce, but much tastier. Loved the thin slices of chorizo, which were more like dry salame than the mexican chorizo I'm used to. Great flavors.

        Oven roasted tomatoes, rosemary ricotta fresca and black olive oil: One of my favorite dishes of the night. The tomatoes were sort of sweet, and the ricotta was gentle and sweet as well. Loved the back olive oil, which brought it all together.

        I asked the chef what he had for dessert, and he said, "There's only one thing - warm truffle cake. That's it!" He admitted he was kidding, but he said the (dark chocolate) truffle cake was fantastic. And it was. It was amazing!! I've never had anything like it. It was so smooth and velvety. One slice is enough for two, if not four, people, because it's so rich.

        So, I though the food was just stellar, some of the best I've had since moving to Astoria. It was reminiscent of the kind of food I might have eaten in the Bay Area. Just really simply prepared and simply presented food. The chef was a super nice guy and his waiter assistant was really nice as well. A friendly couple of guys. I absolutely loved my time there and will most certainly be back. This place deserves much success. I encourage each and every one of you to go and eat this wonderful food.