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Jan 19, 2007 12:46 PM

Whats new and good in the Canton/Dover area

My wife and I left the Canton and Dover area about 7 years ago to move to the beach of North Carolina. This spring we will be moving back, (long story,something to do with Grandbabies!) Since we have been gone we are out of touch with whats good and new in the areas. We love little cafe/bistro types. Since I am a chef/kitchen manager we find it harder and harder to find a good place that satisfies our needs. Please help ! Thanks....OBX

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  1. Cafe 1320 in Canton is one I like. Eclectic little cafe/diner on 1320 S. Main.

    1. OBX, I grew up in New Philadelphia and spent many, many years vacationing in Nags Head, so I know what you're leaving and what you're moving back to ... those must be some very cute grandbabies :)

      You should check out Lighthouse Bistro in the Atwood Marina once you return. No, it's not the Outer Banks, but if you try really hard you might imagine you're sitting on a Sound-side patio. The food (meat, fish, sandwiches, salads) is consistently good, and the menu, while not cutting edge, seems more inventive than what's typically found in Dover/NP.

      Was Dante's in New Phila open when you left? It's standard Italian, but the cheesecake stands out. The other desserts, baked by the owner, sound delicious too, but I feel obligated to get my cheesecake fix every time.

      I'm sure there are other new places, but those are the two I've been to most recently (within the past year). Please post your experiences when you return ... I still visit a few times a year and would love to know of some other places to try. Good luck with the move!