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Jan 19, 2007 12:11 PM

Lunch options near 8th & Chestnut?

I'm meeting a friend who is mostly veggie for lunch near 8th and Chestnut. Are there any *great* chow options within two blocks or so of that area?


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  1. Amada - it's a little farther than 2 blocks, but it's worth it

    1. If you are looking for something casual I LOVE El Fuego.

      1. Aqua is on 7th and Chestnut. It's malaysian thai. Do a search for some good reviews on this site.

        1. el fuego! absolutely delicious burritos and i go there with my veggie sister all the time. jones is pretty decent for a sit down place (though a bit expensive) and there is a mexican restaurant on chestnut between 7th and 8th that is pretty good too. chinatown is also only a ten minute walk away, as is reading terminal and you can satisfy anyone there.