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Jan 19, 2007 11:48 AM

Homemade Ice Cream recipes....gimme your best!

Just got a Cuisinart Ice Cream maker and I'm looking for some excellent recipes! Anyone?

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  1. I have made this several times and it is the best. I like the seeds so I don't puree the mixture. 1st time I though a cup of the chamborg was too much, but it was just right. Have a pint left in the freezer - This weekend it will be gone.

    Raspberry Sherbet /w Chambord

    Serving Size : 6 Preparation Time :1:00

    3 cups Raspberries -- (about 1 pint)
    1 cup raspberry liqueur -- Chambord
    2 tablespoons Fresh lemon juice -- (about 1 lemon)
    1/2 cup sugar
    1/4 cup heavy cream
    fresh raspberries -- for garnish

    Place all the ingredients in a blender and puree until smooth.

    Pour the puree through a fine strainer into a bowl to remove the seeds. To facilitate this, stir puree in strainer often, pressing against the sides occasionally, until only the seeds remain in the strainer. Refrigerate strained mixture, loosely covered until chilled, a minimum of 1 hour. Tom's method: place raspberries, sugar, lemon juice, heavy cream and the Chambord in a deep bowl. Mash lightly with a potato masher, then chill for one hour.

    Freeze in a ice cream maker according to manufacturer's directions. Makes 3 cups.

    by Tom Shunick - A Receptarist on the shores of Rehoboth Bay, DE - May 4, 2006"
    "3 cups"

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    1. re: Shunick

      3 cups berries do not equal one pint. Maybe you mean equals one pound?

    2. Me too! I got one for Christmas :-) We made the chocolate recipe in the booklet....yummy!

      1. Hi stacylyn - if you do a quick advanced search on the homecooking board you'll find there are a plethora of ice cream recipes from the Ice Cream Mavens (so named by piccola) - oh yeah - we have a gang. Specifically if you search for ice cream posts by Katie Nell, Nooodles (where IS nooodles?), Carb Lover, Linda Mc, I think Ruth Lafler got in on the fun - but there are many many posts on the subject. Good luck!

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          nooodles = Pei Or maybe the other way around.

        2. Pls let us know if you have any success. I received a cuisinart ice cream maker as a gift over the summer and was never happy with the results. I played with cream ratios, but it always left a pretty gross greasy coating in my mouth. Thanks!

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          1. re: akk

            What were your ratios of cream to whole milk? Did you ever try straight up half and half?

            I won't use it again because of all the artificial stuff but I found that fatfree half and half really makes a brilliant texture and doesn't get icy quickly.

            Also, try the cream cheese ice creams that are all over this site: no eggs, just cream cheese (and you can use lowfat, if you want) and milk. Not a greasy texture at all.

            AND - try a good sherbet...that's all whole milk and wouldn't have that same texture you seem to dislike. Again, there's a good recipe for an orange sherbet on this site if you do a search.

            1. re: krissywats

              I also think that if you're willing to use enough egg yolks, you can get by with using only whole milk (more of a gelato approach, as I understand it).

              1. re: Smokey

                you're probably right - I don't make a lot of custard based ice creams but I bet that would work

          2. I picked up a William Sonoma Ice Cream cookbook on a whim the other day (at BJ's and saw it)....made the Espresso Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream (and added roasted almonds to it, as well). WOW. It was good. Really good. I want more. Now.

            I can't wait to try more.....

            Curious on the difference in taste with the egg and eggless recipes.....(this one had a lot of yolks in it).