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Jan 19, 2007 06:33 AM

Information about restaurants in SD

From time to time I like to open an Entertainment book and test some new restaurants (and there are surprisingly often some reasonable/good ones in the book). Normally it is relative easy to find some information about most of the restaurants before I go there to make sure that I don't pick a really lousy restaurant but there are a few ones where I can't find any information about and was just wondering if anybody knows something about these restaurants:

Chandni Palace - Oceanside
Chopsticks - Poway
El Cortez - Encinitas
Enzo's Bar-b-q - Oceanside
House of Thanon - Vista
Kinaly Thai Food - San Marcos
Kabob Cuisine - Vista
La Nena - Chula Vista
Mariscos Ensenada - Oceanside
Nuevo Vallarta - Vista
Oki Ton Japanese Bistro - San Diego
Tong's Szechwan - Escndido
Scalini - Del Mar
Lamont Street - PB
Casa de Oro - National City
Ticasso - San Diego

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  1. The only one I know about is Oki Ton. It's in the northeast corner of the Ikea/Costco complex on Friars road.

    The place was founded by two brothers who are not Japanese, but who apparently spent a good deal of time in Okinawa. They have a sushi bar, which shares space with the martini/cocktail chef, and which seems to be very popular among the happy hour crowd.

    Sushi selections are heavy on the fancy Americanized rolls, but they use good ingredients, and I personally like it a lot. The restaurant's specialty (supposedly an Okinawan regional specialty) is various "katsu" dishes, consisting of breaded, deep-fried pork, chicken or fish served with a thick dark sauce on the side. They also have some Nipponified (just made that word up) western dishes, like pasta and grilled salmon with Japanese accents. The people are very nice, and the atmosphere can vary from quiet and serene to a lively party, depending on time and day. Prices are very affordable (don't know about the cocktails, but wine and sake are very reasonable). If you're looking for "authentic Japanese," Oki Ton is probably not for you, but if you want something pretty good to eat in nice surroundings, you might like it as much as I do.
    . . . jim strain in san diego.

    1. Lamont Street Grill is decent. It's in an old converted house, between Grand and Garnet. Reasonably-priced, though not fancy. The menu says they make their own pasta, and they have many interesting-sounding items. Overall we were happy with our meal there, the only thing I'd dock them for is serving the boring standard steamed-vegetable mix on the side of my entree. They have a full bar with some nice single-malt Scotches, and craft beers.

      1. Lamont St. Grill serves adequate food, nothing amazing, but it a good neighborhood place to dine. Way back when, it used to be a go to spot when older out of town guests were in town. Food slipped about 4 or 5 years ago, have not been in a while. Hopefully someone out there can provide a more up to date view.


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          I was just there about a month ago, actually. My first visit was in the slippage period you mentioned, and I was really unimpressed. Based on my most recent visit, things have improved somewhat. My meal wasn't stellar, but it was competent. I certainly didn't leave feeling ripped off like I did 4 years ago. The atmosphere is kind of cool, and the service is friendly. Parts of our meal were very good, and others just so-so.

          1. re: Josh

            Been to Lamont street a few times. It is pretty underwhelming. They do have some interesting appetizers, but there main courses aren't all that great. Their wine list is sparse.

        2. Mariscos that on El Camino Real, honkman?

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            Yes. The address is 1405 S. El Camino Real. I found one comment about the restaurant on Gayot which sounded like it is pretty good for Mexican fish dishes. Do you know anything about it ?

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              Yes, I have eaten there and the ceviche was wonderful. Homemade chips and salsas are brought to the table while you wait and help yourself to a good salsa bar.

          2. I've been to Lamont Street Grill a few years ago (because of the Entertainment Book). We liked it, but I'd probably only go back with a new EB. It's also tough for us to get over to the PB area.

            Oki Ton is pretty good. I've gone for lunch, dinner, and sushi. I don't know how their "Italian" entrees are, but everything else is good - udon, rolls, salmon kama, yakisoba...

            Chopsticks in Poway is next to the Original Pancake House (in the Target center) and is a small place (think strip mall eatery) but the food is decent for the price. I don't know how authentic it is, but it's tasty and we left stuffed. The little old lady in charge was too cute and very nice to us.

            I've heard of Ticasso, but can't remember where... a quick Google search shows a webpage ( but nothing loads. A few reviews make it out to be Mexican?

            One place we found because of the EB is on Balboa Ave toward the west end called Tropical Star. It's in a dark strip mall and I was hesitant to even go in, but we had very comforting and tasty Latin American food. They also sell some canned and bottled foods.

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              I agree Tropical Star is a nice little place with good Latin American food. I like it as a lunch place during the week.