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Jan 19, 2007 06:13 AM

Naminami in Mt View - Indeed OUTSTANDING

After reading much ado this week about Naminami on the board, I made my way there tonight. This place is really outstanding. The chefs are from Kyoto and the cuisine is Koryouri style (small plates.) Each dish we had seemed better than the last in a steady crescendo throughout the evening. Not only was the food outstanding but the presentations were lovely.

The place is well appointed with simple but elegant furnishings and beautiful dishware. The service is warm, friendly and relaxed.

Here is a list of what we had. You really only need 4 dishes for 2 people but since the food was so good, we wanted to try more... so we ordered 2 more plus dessert! We ended up incredibly full but well satisfied.
• Crab and mizuna greens spring roll: great fresh crab with clean creamy taste. Great balance in quantity of crab to mizuna. If I had one complaint about the whole evening it is that this dish was just a little too cold.
• Duck and mango with mustard cold plate: soft duck, beautiful mango complemented with spicy mustard. Delish.
• Ume shiso ochazuke: lovely tea based soup. Clean tastes punctuated by wasabi and sweet/sour ume.
• Grilled black cod marinated in miso: soft, luscious and melts in your mouth. Served with a side of oshinko. Outstanding.
• Tofu and Napa cabbage soup: oden broth. Clean and rich tastes. The tofu was mashed and then formed in balls and fried. Crisp cabbage. Way, way yummy.
• Beef tongue: I thought the black cod was going to be my favorite dish but this one really takes the cake. This dish was simply mind blowing. The beef was stewed untill so tender it was easily cut with chopsticks. The beef was served in a rich and savory sauce – perhaps marrow of sorts – and topped with thin slices of fresh onions. If you’ve never had tongue, this is the place to try it. This was dish was beyond outstanding.
• Strawberry and red bean roll: Really, really wonderful flavor. One order came with two rolls and was the perfect amount to share. We only wished we had more room for the green tea blanc mange. That really looked fantastic.

This place is definitely my new favorite restaurant. A fantastic menu, great execution, nice list of sake and shoju and really warm service.

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  1. Just to comment on the beef tongue. I had a great version at Tomi Sushi in San Jose. It was miso grilled beef tongue. The tongue was amazingly tender and the slight char from the miso perfected the dish.

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      I 2nd the gyu-tan misoyaki at Tomi Sushi. Thanks Porthos for the rec. Very nice and interesting take. They were fairly thick slices but tender and soft.

      NN sounds interesting. I wonder if they open for lunch and if so I hope the lunch menu is not limited to the standard udon, rice bowl don, soba, udon, teriyaki, tempura run of the mill ho hum offerings like what the south bay izakaya's offer during lunch. Its predecessor tenant, Kamei House, was horrid to say the least.

    2. Owners of Naminami same as Hanamaru owners in Sunnyvale. Haven't been yet, but sounds great. Talked to them a few months ago before they opened and it sounds like their sights are set much higher than Kamei standards.