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Jan 19, 2007 06:05 AM

Hudson Super Buffet Feast

Pigged out on crab tonight at HSB. It amazes me how a place like this can stay in business.

The snow crab legs were great tonight, my friend and i each must have ate 4 piled plates of them. Seems everyone hits the seafood hard.

In addition they had another sort of crab, dungeness perhaps? I tried it but too much effort.

Oyster on the 1/2 shell
Cocktail shrimp- already peeled but with the tails
clams on the 1/2 shell
2-3 fish dishes including a dried fish dish and several fillet dishes.
At least 5-6 shrimp dishes, all shrimp no fillers. I like the salt/pepper shrimp and the coconut shrimp are good as well.
Sushi bar.

Not to mention all the non-seafood dishes

I believe our bill was $25 and some change for the 2 of us. If you like seafood this is a place you should really try for dinner one night. They obviously have some good connections for seafood as it is all super fresh and cheap.

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  1. Not only do they stay in biz but are opening one in Marlboro.

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    1. re: trufflehound

      Is that whats going in near the home depot? I guess they work on averages, lose money on the heavy seafood hitters and win on the non seafood eaters and light eaters. I know my gf goes and eats just some fruit, white rice, couple chicken fingers and crab rangoons.

      1. re: trufflehound

        do u know when they are opening i love the found at the hudson 1

      2. I finally hit HSB last month.

        With all the high expectation building up, I have not been disappointed by it especially in consideration of the price we paid and the variety of food they offered.

        Even though I was only interested in seafood, I literally had a small bite of at least 15 other non-seafood items. I wouldn't say they were great but they were absolutely fresh. I found some of the meat dishes were oversweet. My husband loved the spring roll but did not care for a lot of stuff.

        It was the 1/2 shell oyster that made me put a gun to my husband head forcing him to drive me to this unknown territory. The oysters were certainly not as soft and juicy as those we paid $2 each for it. But, overall, they were fresh. What bothered me was they were freezing cold. It might due to the health concern they had before. Also, I was upset that the servers just slided the osyters from the tray instead of putting them down onto the ice one by one. I guess they don't care about the oysters as much as I do.

        My conclusion is: it is definitely worth the first visit. Going back or not depends on where you live.

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        1. re: sheila

          I noticed that on the cocktail shrimp last night, they were buried in the ice and were freezing cold. I guess when your laying out fresh seafood on a buffet you kinda have to do that.

          Funny i dont like their spring roll at all, and i love spring roll. I also dont like their crab rangoon at all or chicken wings. Their teriyaki sticks are good and they actually have good chicken fingers, but i typically dont waste any seafood space with any of those items!

          They have 2-3 dumplings that are good too. A steamed shrimp dumpling, a pan-fried shrimp/pork dumpling and a shumai steamed dumpling.

          1. re: sheila

            Frozen oysters are the half-shell are available from USFood, and the other large food distributors to the trade. My guess is, they're using the frozen ones, so they may not be totally defrosted when they're put out.

            1. re: galleygirl

              Its certainly feasible, but when I ate there some of the oysters had crumb-sized bits of shell in them, others not. Seemed more like they were clumbsily shucked by an employee, than factory shucked (which might even steam or put them under pressure, plus wash them). They appeared to delay refilling the oysters to try and rate-limit folks there.

              1. re: itaunas

                last night it wasnt too busy and the supply of oysters and crab were endless. As soon as anything got low it was quickly filled.

                I think they have some sort of connections in the fresh seafood industry. I have never seen so much seafood on a buffet especially for $12. For the first few months when they opened they would have a 3-4 ft whole salmon- head and all, out on the cold section of the buffet. I guess it wasnt that popular as they stopped that.

                1. re: itaunas

                  Actually, Sheila mentioning that they were not as soft and juicey kind of tipped me off. washing them, as you mentioned, would make them less juicy. The pre-frozen ones always seeem to be a little lacking in brine; which would aslo explain the employee dumping them into the ice; nothing to keep from spilling. I also usually notice lots of green lipped mussels at these places (I have not personally been to Hudson, but it's on the list), which are also available, frozen on the half-shell in bulk. As for the crab legs, hell, yup they're frozen, but my, they're tasty! ;)

              1. re: StriperGuy

                Its in Hudson just off of rt85 , it used to be an italian place called scoletis.

                The chinese food is fresh/good but typical american stuff. There is a reasonable sushi bar with a selection of things out and you can ask the sushi chef to make you whatever. There are also american dishes on the buffet which are not recomended. The strong suit is the seafood for sure.

                1. re: hargau

                  Hi, I am trying to get the exact location, name, telephone #, but cannot locate on web..Any one have the details, where it is off of rt85?

                  1. re: mellospice

                    Just go with "Hudson Super Buffet" and its easy to find the address. Hudson Super Buffet 167 Broad St Hudson, MA (978) 568-9889. I am not the best to describe how to get there, but coming from 495 you exit onto 85 right where it meets 290. The intersection where you take the fork onto Broad is fairly large (there is a 3-way light around there, but otherwise I can't explain it well), the restaurant is just after that on the left.

                    1. re: itaunas

                      Yea thats it as Itaunas said, take the 85 exit off rt495 that puts you on a extension that you follow to the end. It will end at 85 and you will have a light with "the 99" on your right. Take a left there on to 85. Then broad is your next right just past "tucks Trucks".

                      Best times to go seem to be thur-sat evenings or sunday anytime. I find during the early week they can be not as busy so the stuff doesnt move as fast. Also the lunch menu is different (less seafood), except on Sunday when they serve the dinner menu all day.

                1. re: mellospice

                  How's the selection of sushi at the hudson superbuffet? Is there alot? Is it expensive? I absolutely LOVE sushi, and i like to eat many types of it!

                  1. re: SushiFanatic87

                    Since this thread started, I have heard reports that HSB has gone downhill. Last time I was there (2 months ago), that was my experience. The sushi is basic, all you can eat (included in the price of the buffet). If it is not super busy, the chef will make fresh pieces for you (the unagi was pretty OK).

                    1. re: Kat

                      Yes it seems that since they opened the marlborough location it has slipped a bunch. The marlborough one isnt any different really, basically the same thing. I still go once in a while but i almost exclusively eat the crab legs now. They are always good and you cant go wrong with all you can eat crab for that price.

                      Minado is at least 2x the price but does have a much larger selection of sushi.

                      You can also get decent all you can eat sushi at the sunday evening buffet at Bamboo, they have several locations, we go to the Westford one. They have lobster as well.

                      1. re: hargau

                        I assume the Marlborough location is open for lunch; would you know what the cost is at lunch?

                        1. re: Fort Point

                          Dinner is somewhere in the 10-12 range and lunch is in the 7-8 range i think. Lunch has less sushi, no crab legs, no oysters on the 1/2 shell, etc. Also the marlborough location has a grill station at dinner, not at lunch

                    2. re: SushiFanatic87

                      If you're looking for a buffet serving a wide variety of sushi, I would recommend going to Minado - who specializes in a buffet serving sushi and japanese cuisine. It's more expensive the Hudson (I think) but the selection is awesome.