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Jan 19, 2007 03:09 AM

New Du'Par's: Getting the kinks out and then some...

I ate breakfast at the Farmer's Market branch this morning. Eggs were overcooked at first but the second go around were excellent. Hashbrowns were raw inside, coffee tepid and toast cold. Also, the front of house tried to settle our bill before we were even done eating. That stuff is probably fixable.

for what it's overpriced and not even a classic. Kokomo, just next door, is superior in my opinion. Then again, Du'Par's is open 24/7 and Kokomo is not...

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  1. Husband and I ate there last Sunday with 2 very different experiences. He got the short stack and said it was doughy and got tired of it after a couple bites. His sausage didn't look so great either.

    I had 2 scrambled with bacon, hash browns and toast and have to say it was one of the best-made breakfasts I've had anywhere. The eggs and hash browns were each perfectly cooked with a delicate touch and not a hint of grease. I usually push hash browns aside but these I actually wanted to eat. The toast was pre-buttered as before. The bacon was crisp and tasty. I certainly wasn't expecting anything great, but this made my morning. Agree it is high priced though, for what you get.

    Charlie's, about 60 feet away, also does a great breakfast.

    1. The new owners of Du-Par's changed the pancake recipe. Why, I have no idea; kinda like changing the formula for Coca-Cola. They used to be the best pancakes around; now, they're only average, and indistinguishable from pancakes at any other coffee shop. It makes me very sad. I've complained about it at the Studio City location, but they obviously don't care.

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        I recall a radio interview with Jennifer Naylor, formerly at Granita in Malibu, and consulting chef on the 'new' DuPar's, whose dad/family, that owned Tiny Naylors, where she promised not to change the wonderful pancake (and other) recipes. I hope they get their act together, been enjoying the pancakes and French toast since I was old enough to eat them, at the long gone Miracle Mile location and then at the 3rd. St. Farmer's Mkt.

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          "Say it aint so, Joe!" Changed the pancake recipe! Yikes! They used to sell their batter in the bakery section years ago, it was so good.

          For what its worth (at least worth checking out) is every time I have been to Brent's for breakfast I get the fish platter, but every time I see a plate of hotcakes going to another table, and get a whiff of 'em, they smell just like I remember the orginal Du-Par's. So maybe Brent's have replicated the old recipe.

        2. Very disappointed to hear that the pancake recipe has been changed. Guess I'll have to stick to Dupar's in the Valley.

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          1. re: howard81

            Actually, my bad experiences have been at the Studio City location. Despite what they might have said in the press, it's obvious that they have changed the recipe. They don't look OR taste the same as they did before.

          2. I haven't had the hot cakes at Du Par's in so long that I don't remember how they used to taste. Last week, however, I ordered them at the Studio City location and thought they were terrific. I can't imagine how they could ever have been better. Are you sure they changed the recipe?

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            1. re: Bob Brooks

              Am I 100% positive? No. But they don't have the same texture that they used to have, and I'm basing that on about 6 visits under the new ownership (and 30+ years of pancake eating prior thereto). And to me, the texture was what made them so unique. They've been too fluffy everytime recently, and fall apart when syrup-laden. They used to hold up so much better, and they were chewier.

            2. Du Par's pancakes were always my favorite because they come to your table already buttered. Mmmmmm.... butter.

              Are they still that way at the Farmer's market location?