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Does anyone sell boxes of Larabars?

I just found out about them, and I really like them. Does anyone sell them by the box, instead of individually?

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    1. Pardon me, but, what are these? Tour boi

      1. They're sort of energy bars with amazingly short ingredients lists. The cherry one I ate said, "Almonds, dates, dried cherries". They're very tasty.


        Which Costco have you seen them at? The one at Warden north of Lawrence doesn't carry them.

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          The website indicates they are sold by Whole Foods in Toronto and Oakville. Are they not available by the box there?

        2. I too have seen and purchased them at Costco, but in Brooklyn, NY. You may want to ask your Costco if they plan to carry them, as I've done that at different Costcos.

          1. I love them too, yet have found no location in Toronto that sells them by the box. Carrot Common seems to sell them at the best price.

            Maybe we can ask them to offer by the box?

            1. The cheapest place I've found them is Walmart believe it or not. I'm thoroughly addicted to the cherry pie ones...

              1. Whole Foods probably sells them by the box as they sell other similar bars (ex. Luna bars) by the box.

                1. We buy Clif bars by the box at an exercise place just south of Bloor on Yonge, west side of the street. Maybe they have Larabars too.

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                    Don't know if you have tried them. You might have better luck finding Clif Nectar Bars...same idea, just made by Clif Bar. I've seen Lara Bar's at Strictly Bulk at Danforth and Pape. They consistently have the better prices on Lara/Clif/Optium Bars. Might be worth calling or checking out.

                  2. you can buy them in boxes, or cases, directly from Ontario Natural Food Co-op if you set up an account.

                    1. If you're still looking, Loblaws and Real Canadian Superstore now sell these by the box. They were on sale the past couple of weeks, too.

                      1. Hey-- I actually just bought a box of 12 assorted from the Costco in Markham, on Markham Road near 14th avenue.

                        1. Costco in Thornhill (Woodbine & Hwy 7) have assorted boxes too. I can't remember the exact price, but they were actually on sale there a few days ago.

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                            Currently on sale for $9.49 for a box of 12. 4x apple, 4x key lime, 4x peanut butter

                          2. I know this is an ancient thread, but - Loblaw's Supercentre. I shop at the Don Mills and Eglinton store. 16 bars for $16.