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Taqueria Zacatlan?

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Probably a longshot, but has anyone ever been to Taqueria Zacatlan before (10300 Anderson Mill Rd.), and if so, what were your impressions?

I'm at a client site near Anderson Mill and 620 and in the midst of the fast food joints and Johnny Carino's, I passed this place. Can't find ANYTHING on the web about it. I'd like to sneak off for lunch there tomorrow.

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  1. Please do, and let us know what you order, how the chow is, and what your own criteria are for judging the food. The very fact that nobody else has commented means that you've got the chance to do some groundbreaking work.

    You may discover a gem, a solid contender, or a place that others should avoid. As you mention, any information would be useful; the actual experiences of another 'hound doubly so. For example, MPH's survey of East- and Southeast-side taquerias (along with the discussion it generates) has been invaluable to me in that part of town.

    Here's hoping you can sneak away.

    1. I was in the neighborhood, so I decided to try a few tacos. The overall impression was uninspiring. The tortillas were middle-of-the-road store-bought (both flour and corn). I tried the lengua, carne guisada, and al pastor. Of the three, only the carne guisada had an interesting flavor, an average brown gravy, but with a kick of red chile. The meat was a bit tough though, suggesting that there wasn't much actual stewing going on. The other two fillings were rather bland, but the lengua came with chopped white onion, which overpowered the other flavors in that taco.

      The menu also includes various plates, enchiladas, and other dishes, and it appears that they must do a brisk breakfast taco business.

      I may have just ordered the wrong things, but at the moment, I'd pronounce the place mediocre. I'd still prefer it to the fast food and national chains in the area. As I drove up 620 towards 183, I did spot a couple of other taquerias in shopping centers, so there may be more opportunities for deliciousness in the area.

      1. Thanks for the review! When I was up in that area that week (the ice storm cut my time there short), I also noticed a few taquerias on 620 (I think one was called Guadalara?).

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          Guadalajara is surprisingly good for Cedar Park...or maybe it just seems good since it's a rare mom and pop in chain restaurant hell.

        2. I pass this place all the time. I see a whole bunch of cars parked out there around lunch time and there seem to be a lot of Mexican patrons, so I thought it must be authentic and delicious. I finally stopped in tonight to give it a try. I got a couple steak and chicken fajita tacos, a chicken gordita, and chicken enchiladas (not all for myself!) to go. In general, everything was pretty average. The gordita was sub par. The meat just didn't have much flavor. They also gave us two sauces. One was green and resembled guacamole. I don't think it was though. It was incredibly spicy. Be careful!

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            I like Guadalara. Breakfast is very good. Tamales are good. And I recall the enchiladas were more mex than tex.

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              Which Guadalajara? There is one on 620 near the southside of Lakeline Mall and one on Cypress Creek near the northside of Lakeline Mall. They are not related.

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                I'm talking about the one on 620 next to convenience store.

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              It was about 10 years ago when I was last in Austin --- and I'll be there again in November! I remember this place, especially for the cart they have at the end of the line with some of the best salsas I've ever had! I can't recall the flavors of the meats, etc., but the salsas were certainly memorable! Will be there again this time, even if I have to rent a car to get there from the Convention Center area.