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Jan 19, 2007 01:52 AM

I have two mangos. How should I use them?

I just bought two mangoes today. It is not a fruit that I have used
very often. What is your favourite way to use a mango.

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  1. Cut them open and eat them with a little salt. Go ahead and slurp. Have a glass of tequila or rum on the side.
    (The mangos at the Indian store are noticeably better than the ones at the other markets).

    1. I peel them with a sharp knife then cut the meat away from the seed.There is mango seed extractors you can buy too.

      1. Agreed - if you're (re)discovering the fruit, just eat it as it is. Enjoy by itself. If you're looking for actual recipes, you're in or a whole 'nother world. Pork and chicken take to mango wonderfully though, have fun!

        1. It's the middle of January. I can't imagine you've got the varieties that taste sweetest, but I might be wrong. I like the skinny yellow ones (Ataulfa aka Champagne) for eating out of hand when they're in season.

          The most common variety sold in the US is a big ol' fibrous Tommy Atkins, because they ship well, not for its flavor. If they're not super ripe, I'd mince them into a mango salsa, where their lack of sweetness isn't a problem. Dice up some tomatoes (hope you have some good ones where you live), onion, cilantro, serrano chili, ground ancho, and a squirt of lime. This might make a nice (albeit nontraditional) base for a ceviche.

          If you want to sweeten a less than ideal mango, I'd puree them w/ sugar into a coulis. You can use that as a sauce, or a filling for something sweet.

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            Well, my husband and I just devoured the first Mango. I was abit afraid we would not like it before we took a taste. I tried one slice with nothing on it and it was abit tart, but delicious. The name on the label was Melango and it did not name the place of origin. I think I might use the second one in a recipe as suggested.
            does anyone have any good recipes I could use it with?

            1. re: BJE

              If it's a very tart mango I would use it in place of green papaya in a papaya salad (which is even better with green mango): I would also eat it straight with cane vinegar and salt. Or bagoong if you're Filipino. :


              If it's moderately sweet, I would eat it straight with lime, chile (you can just sprinkly cayenne chili powder if you have it around), and salt.

              If it's sweet sweet (yours might be - I got one spectacular mango the other day and one medium tart one from the same bin), I would eat is straight with sticky rice:

          2. Best eaten on their own (peeled - the skin can be slightly toxic to some) chilled or at room temperature, included in salads, as a fruit side, as dessert. Cooked, to many (like me), they take on a turpentine sort of flavor; but don't let that stop you!