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I have two mangos. How should I use them?

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I just bought two mangoes today. It is not a fruit that I have used
very often. What is your favourite way to use a mango.

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  1. Cut them open and eat them with a little salt. Go ahead and slurp. Have a glass of tequila or rum on the side.
    (The mangos at the Indian store are noticeably better than the ones at the other markets).

    1. I peel them with a sharp knife then cut the meat away from the seed.There is mango seed extractors you can buy too.

      1. Agreed - if you're (re)discovering the fruit, just eat it as it is. Enjoy by itself. If you're looking for actual recipes, you're in or a whole 'nother world. Pork and chicken take to mango wonderfully though, have fun!

        1. It's the middle of January. I can't imagine you've got the varieties that taste sweetest, but I might be wrong. I like the skinny yellow ones (Ataulfa aka Champagne) for eating out of hand when they're in season.

          The most common variety sold in the US is a big ol' fibrous Tommy Atkins, because they ship well, not for its flavor. If they're not super ripe, I'd mince them into a mango salsa, where their lack of sweetness isn't a problem. Dice up some tomatoes (hope you have some good ones where you live), onion, cilantro, serrano chili, ground ancho, and a squirt of lime. This might make a nice (albeit nontraditional) base for a ceviche.

          If you want to sweeten a less than ideal mango, I'd puree them w/ sugar into a coulis. You can use that as a sauce, or a filling for something sweet.

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            Well, my husband and I just devoured the first Mango. I was abit afraid we would not like it before we took a taste. I tried one slice with nothing on it and it was abit tart, but delicious. The name on the label was Melango and it did not name the place of origin. I think I might use the second one in a recipe as suggested.
            does anyone have any good recipes I could use it with?

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              If it's a very tart mango I would use it in place of green papaya in a papaya salad (which is even better with green mango): http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec.... I would also eat it straight with cane vinegar and salt. Or bagoong if you're Filipino. :


              If it's moderately sweet, I would eat it straight with lime, chile (you can just sprinkly cayenne chili powder if you have it around), and salt.

              If it's sweet sweet (yours might be - I got one spectacular mango the other day and one medium tart one from the same bin), I would eat is straight with sticky rice: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/rec...

          2. Best eaten on their own (peeled - the skin can be slightly toxic to some) chilled or at room temperature, included in salads, as a fruit side, as dessert. Cooked, to many (like me), they take on a turpentine sort of flavor; but don't let that stop you!

            1. Great in mango lassi (yoghurt shake)

              Yummy soaked in rice vinegar for a few hours-- nice garnish or astringent with other meals

              Peeled and eaten like a chewy lollipop

              Topped with a bit of chile pepper

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                Just made a mango lassi--my recipe said to let it spend some time in the fridge after making it (maybe an hour?) and doing that really improves the flavor!

              2. there is green mango chutney, a great Indian dish or other mango chutneys for less than ideal mangos.

                For a wonderfully ripe mango, have it as I did in San Miguel Allende off the cart:
                mango cubes, a pinch of salt, a dash of cayenne pepper, & squeeze lime juice - total bliss!

                1. This is by no means my "favourite" way to use a mango, but it was on this week's cooking radar for me. Ming Tsai has a recipe for a mango-chipotle chutney/sauce in one of his cookbooks that I read about on the weekend, so I made it and used it with a grilled pork tenderloin. Absolutely fabulous. It caramelized when cooking.

                  1. Mango Tarte tatin with a lime custard sauce is heaven on a plate

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                      Wow this sounds good.
                      where is THAT recipe???


                    2. I make a mango salsa every once in a while, it's great on its own or with fish. I just use mango, a little tomato (preferably roma or just don't use the juice of other types), red onion, cilantro and lime juice. It's got such a fresh, bright flavor.

                      Also, it's great mango season in South America, so mangoes imported from the southern hemisphere are going to be pretty darn good. Even the Trader Joe's dried mangoes are better right now (sourced from Mexico). Not that I'm advocating buying imported fruit out of season for us, but they are in season where we usually get our mangoes.

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                        same ingredients i use for mango salsa. I have made a variation before that included avacado and chili pepper (or something to add just a little heat)

                        I find I like mango salsa best on red snapper, halibut or sole

                      2. Papayas are best for this recipe but mangoes will do:

                        4 Chicken Thighs
                        4 Carrots
                        1 Papaya/Mango
                        2 TB.Olive Oil
                        2 Cloves Garlic

                        Heat olve oil with garlic and add thighs. Brown on both sides and remove from pan. Add carrots/papaya-mango and stir for 5-10 mins. Put thighs back and cook on low for 30-45 mins. Serve w/pasta or rice.

                        1. Its a good addition to a spicy curry (beef or lamb) just as a different texture and a slight toning down of the spices.

                          Otherwise cut it up and add to lime juice and a little bit of water in a blender - makes a great drink to go with Indian or Mexican food

                          1. A fruit salsa is amazing on grilled chicken and fish, or it's also good with tortilla chips.

                            1 cup mango, chopped
                            1 cup pineapple, chopped
                            1/4 cup each of red and green pepper, chopped
                            1/2 small onion
                            1 T lime juice
                            1 T sugar
                            salt, pepper
                            2-3 T chopped coriander

                            Just combine everything and enjoy! It's amazing!