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Jan 19, 2007 01:14 AM

Breakfast in SD

We have many lists on this board for best steakhouse, Italian etc. in San Diego but I couldn't find a recent list for favorite breakfast (not brunch) places in SD.
Any suggestions ?

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  1. Perry's Cafe
    Original Pancake House
    Ortega's Cocina
    People's Co-Op Deli (Good tempeh "sausage", breakfast potatoes, scrambled tofu, biscuits and mushroom gravy)
    Super Cocina (huevos salseados and chilaquiles are awesome)

    1. Not sure if late-2005 is recent enough for you, but here's a pretty good thread:

      1. HOB NOB HILL
        Hob Nob is an old stlye place with a lot of history in San Diego. They offer great coffee cakes with their omlettes. The juice is fresh and they have increadible choices and for breakfast. In the AM, it can be a whose who of San Diego.

        Original Pancake House, not the IHOP.

        IMHO, they have the best bacon and coffee.
        I often by a pound of their coffee to take home.

        They are located in Poway and Kearney Mesa.
        I like the basted eggs and bacon.

        They make some fun things too, dutch baby and apple pancake, which is like a giant fritter.

        The Dutch baby comes with powdered sugar and lemon, it is great.

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          I love Original Pancake House's bacon too! Where the heck do they get it? I'd like to buy some and cook it up myself at home. Drool..

          1. re: mstinawu

            Seisel's sells similar bacon, IMO. It's very thick cut, and quite lean.

            1. re: Josh

              Too bad I live in the South Bay (LA). =(

        2. Mission Cup Cafe
          The Cottage
          Ricky's (for the Dutch apple pancake)
          Pacifica Breeze Cafe

          want to go to Cavaillon and Nine-Ten--if their dinners are any indication of their breakfasts, I'll bet they're good!

          1. Cantina Panaderia in Pacific Beach.
            Cafe 222 downtown.