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Jan 19, 2007 12:55 AM

good tasting ribs in the east bay???

I'm looking for a good rib place in the east bay, especially in the pleasanton-danville-walnut creek area (but will travel out of these areas for some good ribs!).

the only rib places that I know of are armadillo willies (dublin), tony romas (concord), and garlex pizza (danville).

are there any hidden gems out there? thanks!

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  1. Bo's in Lafayette is close to WC, and probably the best ones in central CC Co, although I haven't been to any other central CCCo rib places.

      1. The new place in Berkeley that just opened a few months ago (Looney's), is supposed to have good bbq in general (ribs included). I haven't been there yet, but will let you know when I go.

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          Most of the posts about Looney's have been positive but not worth-a-drive-from-925 enthusiastic.

          Here are some recent topics on the barbecue scene:

        2. My current fave is Jones' BarBQ in El Sobrante. It's about 1/2 mile down San Pablo Dam Road from 1-80 on the right.I'm partial to the St Louis ribs.mmmm

          1. What STYLE of ribs are you looking for?

            Some decent central Contra Costa County rib spots are (in no particular order):
            Emil Villa's in Walnut Creek
            Bulldog Bar-b-que in Martinez
            Texas Back 40 in Pleasant Hill
            Tahoe Joe's in Pleasant Hill
            Barney's in Concord