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Jan 19, 2007 12:38 AM


I am going to Schiller's tomorrow night. What should I order food-wise and drink-wise?

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  1. It's more about the scene than the food. I don't think there are any standouts.

    1. Schillers is kind of a "yeah, whatever" place food-wise, it's also a pain in the ass to dine there when it's really busy, but I gotta say I had this toffee pudding thing there once that was outrageously good. One of the best dessert items I've ever tasted. Seriously.

      1. excellent fries should be added (if they don't already come with your order) to whatever you get.

        agreed there are no standouts, but it's mostly solid comforting food. cheesesteak, burgers, tuna burger, eggplant parm, cod cake good. french onion soup a bit too sweet. fish and chips left me feeling like crap (too big acommitment to fried)

        1. Just think of it as the poor man's Balthazar without the seafood tower. The steak frites are decent and the burger isn't bad - I too love the fries there.

          The scene isn't what it was a year or two ago but some beautiful women still frequent the place.

          1. schiller's have a pretty solid reasonably priced menu. i concur that the steak frite and the burger are quite good and the penne arrabiata too. i usually go there mainly for dessert...the sticky toffee pudding alone is worth a trip down there and some of their other desserts (apple crumble) ain't bad at all. it get's pretty crazy busy on the weekends and late at night but, quite pleasant and laid back when there's no you can just linger.

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              thanks guys. do they have any good special drinks?

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                they have a specialty cocktail list, but unless you like liquid candy i'd avoid it. there's a turkish delight-flavored martini that's particularly objectionable.