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Jan 19, 2007 12:35 AM

Boston Chowhounds in DC this weekend

We will be in the Foggy Bottom/Dupont Circle area this weekend. We have brunch plans at Cafe Atlantico for their tasting menu, and are considering Mourayo or Bistro du Coin for dinner(s). We love seafood, and are looking for a different twist on what we can find, or prepare ourselves, locally. Are we looking in the right directions? Any other thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input!

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  1. Mourayo is infinitely better than Bistro du Coin, foodwise, quite inventive with seafood and really welcoming. That's a great choice. I'd also suggest some Thai food, which is a lot better around here than in Boston, in my experience. There's Mai Thai in yr general area, where I;d recommend the steamed dumplings and duck salad. Or Ten Penh for a more upscale version of same.

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    1. You should also go get some Ethiopian food while in town as DC is the best place in the country for it. Try Etete on 9th St.

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        This place sounds great. Unfortunately one of us does not eat meat. We'll have to go sometime and order from their interesting vegetable selections as well...

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          Vegetarians should have no problem ordering at Etete. There is a large selection of vegetarian dishes, including the fastening platter, which is excellent.

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            In fact I often recommend Ethiopian food when someone says they do not eat meat as there are many vegetarian options.

      2. Thank you for that information - I have been wanting to try it.

        1. I'd second (or third) the notion about Ethiopian. Sadly I don't love vegetables too much, but I often find that vegetarian options at Ethiopian places are the tastiest things on the menu.

          Avoid Bistro, unless you want to get ho hum food accompanied by indifferent at best, abyssmal at worst, service.

          1. Thank you DC Chowhounds! We went to Mourayu in Dupont Circle prior to Richard III, and I would recommend both. I was determined to try out the $25 prix fixe, and lucked out, since I am a seafood/vegetarian, and had the shrimp in tomato appitizer followed by a wonderful shrimp, rice, ouzo and herb entree. My DH had an outstanding eggplant and garlic appatizer, followed by a fish special which he enjoyed. We shared the yoghurt and filo with honey desserts, and had two Greek coffees - outstanding! Those enjoying the meat offerings in the restaurant were raving about their food as well. A great night out. To be continued later...