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What Can You Tell Me About Gulfstream?

Anniversary dinner and I have been recommended to try a restaurant in Century City called Gulfstream. Any thoughts on this restaurant? Definite must order this? Thanks for any insight.

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  1. I can tell you that my experience at the Newport Beach location was horrid. The restuarant is from the Houston's chain, and has a large seafood menu.

    My parents and I went, and we were very disappointed. I ordered a clam chowder, and it was so salty I couldn't eat it. My parents aren't the type to send stuff back, so I had to bite my tongue.

    Dad ordered ribs, and felt they weren't tender enough for his liking. Mom ordered the crab cakes special (which were like $25 for 2) and gave one to my dad. She seemed to think they were just OK.

    I ordered their chicken salad, which was tossed in this salty, salty creamy dressing. I ended up not eating it. The oysters on a shell looked appealing, and so did their other raw items. But, we were just so tentative after wasting so much food.

    The tab was something like $100 for 3, not including tip. Can't remember what we'd ordered for drinks.

    I will say that it is a beautiful restaurant, and it is very busy. I like how the place is spotless.

    I much prefer Houston's and Bandeira, and I frequent Houston's.

    1. Gotta run, but do a search here for my last report. What ever you do TELL THEM TO BRING IT NICE AND SLOW and to pass the bread. For further info --see my last post on Gulfstream and other comments.

      1. The tuna burger is pretty good, but the fries are a bit too skinny for my taste. The atmosphere is pleasant. The draft beer is overpriced.

        1. the greatest thing in the place is the sundae. Do not pass it up. the food is nice but not extraordinary.

          1. Eat the fish of the day and it will be good. I like the Hummus, Smoked Trout and Avo app with toast point.

            1. It is a generally well-run chain. I prefer Houston's to Gulfstream. It excels in simple pan fried fish dishes. Normally it is very consistent.

              I wouldn't choose it for a special event.

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                i would not order the scallops - i had them there and they were expensive and awful! The tuna burger and fries are really good. also - when you use the bathroom at the one in the century city westfield mall, you have to go downstairs, and the smell of fish is REPULSIVE and OVERWHELMING.

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                  I have been many times and never noticed this. Was it a one time thing for you?

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                    no, I've noticed the smell a few times. I have a very sensitive nose though.

              2. This is the Newport branch, but actually, I think the crab cakes are the best thing on the menu - ask for extra sauce. There only on special - usually Saturday night.

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                  Yes, their crab cakes are quite simply the best I've ever had. The tres leches dessert is also worth mentioning. As for the rest of the menu, it's competent.

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                    Gulfstreams Oysters are almost as good as WATER GRILL's in LA, which are pretty darn good. Next the Hot Fudge Sundae, wow!

                  2. I think thier short ribs are very good, but at $35 you'd think you'd get more than 4 small ribs, only about 8 small bites.

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                      Gulfstream changed their short rib preparation recently for the worse. I went in about a month ago and was craving their short ribs with tasty mustard BBQ sauce and shoestring fries. Instead it is now served plain over a pile of nondescript mashed potatoes and few vegetables on the side.

                      1. re: Ernie

                        Wow, that really saddens me, those ribs were one of the things that kept me coming back.

                    2. Gulfstream is the more "upscale" sibling of Houston's. I used to go to both of them in the Century City mall, and I think i prefer Houston's which has a really nice grilled artichoke app. Neither has standout food, neither is really a special occasion kind of place. Nothing at Gulfstream stands out for me; I think their menu is kind of boring. From the name, one would think they'd have excellent fish, but they don't.

                      1. For a special occasion dinner, which an Anniversary is, you'd be much, much better off going to La Cachette only 3 minutes away (west) from Gulfstream if the 2 traffic-lights are green. She'll enjoy the food, the ambiance, not being rushed, but it would be for more money, but not all that much more.

                        Gulfstream Prices - Menupages.com
                        Salmon - $26
                        Filet - $32

                        La Cachette Prices - Menupages.com - Website
                        Wild Salmon - $28 - $32
                        Filet - $35 - $38

                        You can see La Cachette have raised their prices since their menu was submitted to menupages from their website. Restaurants owned by big chain operators usually don't web-post their prices and I would suspect that Gulfstreams have been raised also. The starters are diffently more expensive at La Cachette but their ingridents are of a higher quality (including the entrees too).

                        1. Between the three (Houstons, Gulfstream, and Bandera...all the same family), it's kind of a toss up. I've frequented all of them (incl. Century City Gulfstream), and found the food to be quite good. Have to say, I don't normally tackle the seafood (but the dip mentioned early on is fabulous. Houstons is known for seafood (what friends prefer). Bandera boasts about their rotisserie chicken and ribs. Gulfstream is up there with them. It kind of sucks that there isn't an online menu available....

                          1. As my dad says, watch the feet. I live one block from CC and only go to Houston's or Gulfstream when someone else insists. Someone took me to Bandera once and it seemed better than either of these two. Houston's stuff is actually good tasting, and I prefer it to Gulfstream, but the menu is limited in terms of good options.