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Jan 19, 2007 12:16 AM

Birthday dinner after drinks at Bemelmans Bar

My husband and I will be celebrating our birthdays this weekend and plan on having early cocktails at my favorite Bemelmans Bar and want to have dinner afterwards. We are going to 11 madison Park Saturday night so was hopinf for something more casual , romantic and cozy. Italian would be fantastic but open to any room that will give us the whole package. Any thoughts? I know its late for reservations. I did my a reservation at Crispo but was not sure if it was " cozy enough". Thanks in advance for your thoughts!!!

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  1. Sant Ambroeus would fit the bill, and it's right across the street from there, on Madison and 77th.

    I would also considered Paola's on 84th between 2nd and 3rd, some argue that it's one of NYC's most romantic restaurants. Not quite sure how they got that reputation (not that it isn't!), the pasta is excellent and the service very homey.

    1. Erminia, which is nearby (I think 83rd) would be great. It's pricey, but super romantic. Also, Etas Unis on 81st, but it's New American.