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Jan 19, 2007 12:12 AM

Celebrating with friends, drinks and soup dumplings!

I am looking to celebrate with 8-10 friends Saturday night at a chinatown joint. Sitting together is a must, serving of alcohol is a must, decent soup dumplings is a must, and a minimal wait and/or taking of reservations is a must.


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  1. Goodies (1 E. Broadway) has large tables, beer (only) and, very good soup dumplings. It is also very likely that you will be able to get a table with ease. If you do go, order the Pork Shoulder too.

    1. Most Restaurants in C-Town let you BYOB. Goodies does make a decent dumpling. I do not like them at New Green Bo though some on this board swear by them. Too small and barely any broth in them! Joe's will be impossible to get into but Joe's Ginger right next door might work. Good eating and don't forget to bring a corkscrew!

      1. HANDS DOWN -- the place to go for soup dumplings is Joe Shanghai's. It's considered the best in the city. The wait will be long but it's so worth it. Choice of seafood or pork dumplings.

        1. Congee Village has a full bar (and they make a great Blue Hawaiian) and soup dumplings on their menu. As far as I know, CV and Shanghai Cuisine are the only places in C-Town with liquor as well as beer.

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            I don't recommend ordering soup dumplings in a non-shanghainese restaurants. Its like ordering pizza in a bbq joint.

          2. you can also go to yeah shanghai, moon house II and Shanghai Cafe. not sure about their BYOB thing but maybe moonse house or shanghai cafe is BYOB?