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Jan 19, 2007 12:05 AM

The Food at the Ivy on Robertson

I've heard the food is not as bad as one would think.

Is it more just a factor of being a decent coffee shop where you can get a wide variety of foods (a la Callender's or Kate Matilini's, Hamburger Hamlet, etc) at more than exoribitant prices (Crab cakes at 35 bucks, a salad at over 28, a ground chuck burger at 30, and a hot fudge sundae - deconstructed, of course, at a little over $17).

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  1. the food is american. the portions are huge. the taste is ok - nothing terrible, nothing to die for IMO. i would not spend my own $$ here - but it's fine if you're on an expense account.

    1. The food isn't bad -- your comparison to Kate Mantilini is pretty apt, though I actually like Kate Mantilini better for the food -- but the idea that a hamburger is worth $30 when you can go to Father's Office and have a better burger with the same heapin' helpin' of attitude for half the price or less just sticks in my craw.

      And people wonder why I prefer a nice bowl of $4 pho or a $1 taco.

      1. yeah, I agree. The food isn't really terrible, it's just all OK. The prices are what turn me off... unless I have a visitor in town and they really want to see a celebrity. Then we go. Can't beat it for that. I have to say, I was more disappointed with my brunch at Ivy at the Shore than i was with lunch (and cocktails!) at the Ivy.

        1. The food is very average. Meat Loaf, Crab Cakes, Corn Chowder,
          Cajun Prime Rib, are all acceptable. Their meatballs and spagetti is good. Certainly not worth the price of admission.

          The bar makes good drinks. I love their Mint Julep. Also a very large and strong martini. Star gazing and "Power" meals might be worth a one time experience. If your a Foodie - stay away.

          1. Um -- I think you have to know what to order.
            The crab salad is one of my two or three favorite salads in town topped with 1000 Island and extra scallions.
            I think the crab cakes are better than just acceptable.
            Corn chowder is another good call, as are the drinks -- fun things like strawberry daiquiris too.
            The Ricky's fried chicken is an excellent dish.
            The squash makes a delicious side dish.
            The tarte tatin is the best in town.