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Jan 19, 2007 12:01 AM

The Plumed Horse in Saratoga?

Help - my boyfriend want's to spend our first anniversary at this place - I must know how this place is... It looks very bright and cheesy from the website.. not to mention overpriced.


PS - my favorite eats here in SF are Boulevard, The Fifth Floor, Sociale... to give you an idea of what I expect...

Any other suggestions in the South Bay greatly appreciated!!


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  1. Your boyfriend? first anniversary? YOU should be the one holding all the cards and dictate where to go:-0 unless dating rules have changed lately... but then I've been married a while...

    Does it have to be in the SouthBay? on Big Basin in Saratoga particularly??? How about Manresa in Los Gatos, or Gervais across from the Plumed Horse?

    1. Never been to the Plumed Horse but if it looks cheesy and overpriced, do yourself a favor and book Manresa. Tell them it's a special occasion and they'll help you make it so. The food is creative and as much if not more exciting than anything you'll find in the city.

      1. If you enjoy great places like Sociale and Boulevard, make him take you there. Notions of Plumed Horse (and La Fondue across the way) as romantic destinations are just that. Those places remind me of "The Box Tree" descriptions in Garlic and Sapphires. That menu of PH's is for the 50th anniversary set, not yours.

        1. I've only had appetizers at PH, but I can assure you that is not to be mentioned in the same breath with the places you mentioned.

          That said, we sat in the lounge which had a very warm old school appeal and had a nice time - minus food.

          They do have very deep wine list too.

          I also understand that it is to be closing soon for a thorough remodel, so perhaps you can be spared without having to dash your well meaning BF.

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          1. re: SLRossi

            Disclaimer: my mom sells wine to the PH.

            About the deep wine list--despite changes in the sommelier over the years and the impending ownership change, they still buy the wine and my mom still has her original cellar bin number there after almost a decade. Many restaurants will chase the fads and the top 100 wines from spectator and parker each year, thus fracturing their wine list and focusing on new wines, but the PH seems to have a loyal base of patrons who continue to go back and appreciate the deep wine list.

          2. THANK YOU HOUNDS! I got out of the PH by insiting we not go somewhere he's been with his ex - HA! We're going to Michael Mina instead and I will post my review next week!!