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Leftover hot dog and hamburger buns

What can I do with these? Besides turn them into bread crumbs.

I've used a couple for morning egg sandwiches, but I prefer english muffins rather than soft white buns. So what now? Should I just freeze them until we have burgers again? What about the hot dog buns?

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  1. bread crumbs
    freeze them

    Use them to thicken "cream" soups, stews, spaghetti sauce, tightens up any sauce where you don't want to make a roux.

    Top casseroles, mac 'n cheese, creamed veggies.

    Mix w/melted butter and top soups, veggies, etc.

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        On the bread pudding vein-- strata-- torn up pieces of bread and your favorite frittata combinations, stirred together and baked. A savory bread pudding, mmmm.

      2. I make turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on them to pack in my daughter's lunchbox. She thinks it's a treat.

        1. I freeze them until I serve hamburgers or hot dogs again; a few seconds in the microwave is all they need. Actually, even when I freeze them, they often get eaten up for lunch the next day with pimiento cheese spread inside. Like Junie, I pack school lunchboxes with peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches made with these buns.

          1. Cut into small pieces and toss with salt/pepper and olive oil and make a mess of croutons!

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              Yeah that sounds good. I would even add a sprinkle of parmesan...I was going to suggest feeding the birds.

            2. I once made a stuffing for a roasted chicken. Honestly is was pertty darn good. I don't care for dry stuffing this one was more souffle like so it was perfect for us. Anyway, I didn't waste them which was what the plan was.

              1. We've always used them for bread pudding, the blandness always compliments any type of fruit or nuts you would want to add without competing.

                1. what about one of those oven baked french toasts where you tear the bread up and add egg, cinnamon etc, maybe even apple, and bake it. I just did that with leftover cubed french bread from fondue night.

                  1. Tuna salad on a hot dog bun. Yum!

                    1. Garlic bread. :) If I need to use them, I just brush them with an olive oil/fresh garlic mixture, sprinkle with sea salt and pepper, and even grate a little parm on them. Broil.

                      It doesn't have the texture of a nice baguette or italian loaf, but it does the trick. :)

                      1. Take a look around your grocery store.

                        I've noticed that mine (Cub Foods and SuperTarget) sells individual buns in bulk bins. I live alone (college student) so when I want a burger, I just buy 1 bun and don't have to worry about 7 to 11 leftovers.

                        1. Split hot dog button w/o separating sides. Spread with a nice thick layer of butter. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, then grill in a pan until sugar layer carmelizes, or broil it. Then use the bun as a base for a banana split...

                          1. Use 'em to make pizza-like open face sandwiches (toast, spread with tomato sauce or even tomato paste all the way to edge, sprinkle of Italian seasoning, garlic, top with cheese and favorite toppings. Broil until cheese is melted)

                            Or how about sloppy joes? Meatball subs? I guess these are just different variations on the sandwich theme, but sometimes I forget how good these old favorites are :)

                            1. Bread pudding either sweet or savory (good for Sunday 'brunch'!).
                              For savory some sausage, onions, peppers along with eggs and milk.
                              For sweet; plenty of suggestions/discussion on the board!

                              1. Sure are alot of really good ideas in here!!! I'm eyeballing the buns in the freezer today!

                                1. Depends how snooty you are...

                                  I enjoy finding a brand of surimi (fake crab chunks) that I like, take a quarter-pound and bash it into flakes in the processor (careful, not too small a flake) and tossing with a little mayo or Miracle Whip, maybe some minced celery or parsley, to make an OK quickie New England Lobster Roll.

                                  1. My vote is with all the bread pudding suggestions. One of the tastiest bread puddings I've ever consumed was made from a package of cheap potato hot dog buns.

                                    1. two things we do with them:

                                      1) freeze them for emergencies (nothing worse than being short on buns) throw them on the grill to lightly toast and you'll barely know the difference

                                      2) make garlic bread for the kids (usually to serve with a pasta dish)