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Jan 18, 2007 11:35 PM

Soojibee - korean ragged pasta soup

Is anyone familiar with a korean ragged pasta soup called soojibee? my family has a gyeongsang do dialect, so i don't know if anyone will recognize it by the phonetic spelling. It's like a noodle soup except that the 'noodles' are made from flattening the dough with your fingers and then ripping them off into a boiling pot of water. the soup is then made the same way that duk guk is made.

I was just wondering if this is simply a family recipe or if anyone else has even heard of this and if so, what kind of recipe do you use?

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  1. Yum. Soo jae bee. Love that stuff.

    I usually just buy the instant packages found in the frozen section of the korean market (comes with dough and soup base, just boil water and add desired toppings).

    But I found a recipe here:


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      thanks! i knew i must be pronouncing it incorrectly! :o) i've never tried it packaged. do you still have to rip the dough or is it already ripped for you?

    2. I never knew the name of it but, my mom used to make that soup all the time when I was growing up. My favorite way to eat it was with slightly sour kimchi. Yum!

      I grew up on Korean cooking and never really learned all the names to the dishes. I just learned the kimchi soup that I love so much is actually called kimchi jigae. Double yum!