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Jan 18, 2007 11:30 PM

BonXai St. Paul report

well, I think maybe some crow-eating needs to happen. We went to Bonxai tonight after a note in the Pioneer Press:

now, I will preface by saying that if you don't live nearby, I would not necessarily recommend driving all the way over here just for this place. But for those of use who live in midway, it is a great addition. The coconut soup was amazing, and chowbaby loved it more than anything she has ever had. The calamari was very nice and had a lovely little salad underneath. Paz had the yellowfin tuna salad which was great, and my pad thai, while not the best ever, was quite nice. The service was fine, the dinner was $30 plus tip and they had a bitchen dessert menu, including my 2 faves, creme brulee and tiramisu.

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  1. I was just remembering the coconut soup and salivating. Seriously, that stuff on a cold winter day is just the thing.

    1. I saw that blurb in the Pioneer Press, too. Very intriguing. Thanks for reporting back! This is a soup time of year.


      1. I'm really happy to have this place in our neighborhood. It's a great addition. I foresee the tuna salad and coconut bisque becoming a staple of my diet.

        1. Do you guys in the Midway neighborhood get that little monthly newspaper? The restaurant reviewers, quite a tongue-in-cheek crew, raved and raved about it. I was set to check it out this weekend. Wanted to be the first to post on it. Crud. But even more excited to go now. Sounds like such a disgusting mix of specialties: Italian and Thai...and yet...

          1. I was there last night as well. We had the calamari, the cocnut soup and I had the pork chops which came with risotto and some really nice grilled vegetables.

            Midway is just getting better and better...