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Jan 18, 2007 11:08 PM

White with a little bit of fizz

I'm looking for a white wine with a gentle - not full-fledged - bubbles. Preferably something a bit floral. Any suggestions?

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  1. moscato d'asti sounds like what you want...
    vinho verde also, but that's more citrus than floral.

    1. Moscato d'Asti is exactly what you're looking for. It has just a light bit of bubbles, a tantalizing floral aroma that may have you tempted to dab it behind your ears, and a little bit of sweetness. It's a pretty reliable style of wine- whatever brand your Friendly Local Wine Store recommends, go with that one.

      1. I second Kenito799's rec: many vinho verdes have nice fizz. And though I've had lots of good mid-priced ones, I have to say my fave is the vinho verde from Trader Joes, in the tall green bottle and black label called, simply, "Vinho Verde." It's about $3.99/bottle, which is kinda mindblowing considering how good it is.

        1. It's not easy to find anymore, but there is a kind of Prosecco that fits the bill. Most Prosecco found in this country has a lot of bubbles. There is also a somewhat still version that used to be more common.

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            Sounds good but I've never encountered that, either here or in Italy. Where did you have it?

            1. re: Robert Lauriston

              Well, I haven't had it for about 5 years. I used to have a lot of friends from Padova in the 80s and that was typically what they drank. They had brought it over to L.A. in the mid 80s. I guess I was an early adopter for Prosecco. At the time, that was generally the kind that you found in the shops here, if you found it at all. When I visited them in Padova, that was also the kind that the bars served. As I said, I haven't seen it for a while.

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I think some proseccos are less intensely fizzy. The fizziest will have a champagne-style cork and cage, but some styles have a cork with a string--obviously less pressure is expected, likely less fizziness.

                1. re: Robert Lauriston

                  There is a style of Prosecco referred to as Frizzante (as opposed to all out spumante) bottled at approximately 1/2 the usual pressure. I believe that it also tends to lean toward the sweeter end of the spectrum. K and L carries the Ruggeri - one of the best producers in the DOC

                  1. re: Sam B

                    For Prosecco, if the cork is tied down somehow (string or cage) then it is very frizzy, but there are Proseccos (which I haven't seen for about 5 years) that just have a regular cork. They are lightly frizzy. I think I might have bought it at A. Litteri and Sons, but I haven't seen it there for a while.

                    1. re: ChewFun

                      In the case of Prosecco Frizzante, it is actually labelled as such to distinguish it from the standard version.

              2. Other options include a Gruner Veltliner and a white Txakoli....