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Where to buy Thai Tea in the Twin Cities?

I'd like to make some Thai tea at home - the spiced bright-orange beverage that I've had in restaurants, usually combined with sweetened condensed milk.

Does anyone know where I can find it - and, more importantly, what I should look for? I was at United Noodles yesterday, and nothing looked like Thai tea to me (although I wasn't looking very hard and I didn't ask for help).


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  1. This sounds to me more like Chai tea, which I believe is Indian.

    They have a lovely tea at Krua Thai restaurant that they also sell in bags.

    1. The Food Network has a few recipes. It looks like it is Thai red tea, water, sugar, and condensed milk. Some of the recipes talk about Thai red tea, so that may help you know what you are looking for. You may want to try one of the local tea stores, they may be able to help you find it also.

      1. You can find Thai Tea at most larger Asian grocery stores.
        Usually in the same isle as the other teas. I believe Thai
        Red Tea is the same thing. I no longer have the packaging
        that my tea came in but I think it was labeled " Thai Tea ".

        1. My editor makes his at home, claiming it's Lap Souchong (smoked Chinese tea), quite concentrated, with sweetened condensed milk shaken in a cocktail shaker. He's obviously right about the milk, but I have my doubts about the tea. Yet I have never found "Thai Tea" and I feel I've searched quite far and wide, Asian marketwise.

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            sorry, but it is NOT Lap Souchong...it is a very distinctive smokey tea that isn't remotely like thai tea. I am sure it makes a great tea with the milk, but not the orange thai tea...

          2. I've been googling this morning, and I think that what I'm really looking for is "Thai Ice Tea Mix":

            I also found a recipe for a make-it-yourself version:

            So I could make my own. (Jeanmt, thanks for the tip about using Lap Souchong!
            But I'm lazy, so I wanna buy a mix. I'll look harder next time I'm in United Noodles or other large Asian market. Maybe Dragon Star Market in St. Paul might have it? They're amazingly huge...


            1. You can get it at United Noodle, I get my there all the time. Its in a big clear bag. What I do is brew it really really strong. to the point that its seem thick then add condense milk. I'm thai and thats how its always been done. Please do not waste your money on the mix. Its taste terrible.

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                I'll look harder at United Noodle. I think I was looking in the tea-and-herbal-medicine section yesterday, but they've got tea all over the place!

                And thanks for the tips on how to make Thai tea. Now that I know that the mix isn't good, I'll stick with the real thing!


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                  Hooray! I found the Thai tea at United Noodles - it's in the same aisle as the Ovaltine and Horlick's.

                  Oh, I love United Noodle.


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                    So glad I found this chat! I've been looking for Thai tea too. Didn't think to look in the Ovaltine aisle at UN. Try an Arnie Palmer with the tea Anne. I had one at an outdoor festival in DC recently and can't wait to try recreating it.


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                      COOL! I too have been looking for Thai tea and will check out UN. Another excuse to go there!

                2. Thanks for posting this question Anne, I have also been looking for Thai iced tea, been to United Noodle plenty of times, saw the ones in the individual cans (which weren't that good) but that's it. Next time I go to U.N. I will have to stop by the Ovaltine aisle and get this- in the clear bag as another poster mentions. Can't explain the flavor exactly but there's nothing better than a tall class of Thai iced tea, I used to have it all the time with spicy Thai food, but it's good anytime, such a distinctive strong flavor-absolutely love it!

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                    Be sure to ask for help if you can't find Thai tea in the Ovaltine aisle. (I asked my original question over 3-1/2 years ago, and United Noodle just might have reorganized since then. :-)