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Jan 18, 2007 10:48 PM

Authentic Chinese and Yum-cha/Dim-sum in South Florida?

I've been here for two years and while we've found a decent American-style Chinese takeout close to home, I'm longing for the 'real deal'. In Australia our friends from Hong-Kong would take out out for a genuine Chinese meal at least once a year, the kind where they take away the menus and bring on the food. I miss it!

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  1. Best dim sum in Miami is either Tropical out west (by Tropical Park) or Mr. Chu's on South Beach (8th & Ocean). Tropical was long my favorite but Mr. Chu's is also very good. They each have their virtues. Tropical does better roast pork bun. Mr. Chu's does better chicken feet.

    Both also do very good non-dim-sum Chinese, as does Tony Chan's Water Club (near the new Miami Performing Arts Center) although I haven't been to Tony Chan's in ages.

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      You may need to do a re-taste. I just tried the pork buns again @ Mr. Chu's and they were awesome. Better than the last time I was there a month ago. I gotta say that though I love tropical, I think Chu is better. Sometimes you get cold stuff at tropical. Never happened to me @ Chu.

    2. Anything a bit further north, in Fort Lauderdale area or Broward county?

      1. There's a restaurant in Tamarac on 441/State Route 7 called Hong Kong City BBQ, 5301 N State Road 7, (954) 777-3832. They have dim sum, roast meats, and other fairly authentic Cantonese fare. My wife and I came across it by accident on one of our trips to Florida. It isn't much on decor and the food is not as good as when we first discovered it 5 or 6 years ago, but it still is pretty authentic. I would recommend it.

        It is in a small strip mall that also has a Chinese grocery store.

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          The owner of the Hong Kong Palace was killed during a robbery. His Mother closed the resturant. Was the most authntic Chinese barbq and dim sum in South Florida

        2. TP - I'm a regular at Mr. Chu's now, but I still prefer Tropical's pork buns! Mr. Chu's are too sweet for me.

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          1. Besides Hong Kong City (which has dim sum but not on carts), there's also Silver Pond about a mile to the south, which is a larger Hong Kong place, but not dim sum. Both are authentic and good. The strip mall where Silver Pond is also has a Chinese bakery, a wholesale dim sum factory that sometime sells to walk-ins, a Chinese BBQ takeout that's much better than Hong Kong City's for roast meats, and other interesting goodies.

            My current favorite Chinese restaurant in South Florida is Peppers, at Palm and Pines way out in Pembroke Pines. They do the HK/Cantonese stuff but also the closest thing to real Sichuan food and possibly the only Taiwanese in the area, all quite well, no gloppy sauces in sight. They have cooks from all three regions. It's also a bit nicer than most.

            Another decent one, though kinda austere inside, is Dragon City, around the 6800 block of Griffin Rd. Like Peppers, the menu covers more than just HK/Cantonese and does so for Chinese tastes. Good place for seafood: lots of fish tanks. Open very late, probably for an after-casino crowd.

            As for dim sum in Broward, there's also Toa Toa in the plaza at Pine Island and NW 44th St. Been there twice. Disliked it both times.

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              hatless... Thanks for the lead on Silver Pond. That whole strip mall sounds worth checking out.

              We found Hong Kong City because it was right across the street from the hotel we stay at when we are down there. I'll gladly drive another mile to check out something new. We also stop at the Chinese grocery store in the mall where Hong Kong City is. Is there a grocery store in the mall where Silver Pond is?

              1. re: ltlevy

                Yep, there's a pretty big mostly Vietnamese/Chinese grocery, A Dong, in the same plaza as Silver Pond.

                Oh, and one correction: Dragon City is around the 6800 block of Stirling, not Griffin.

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                Was in the area today and stopped by Dragon City. Didn't have a ton of time and wimped out and went with the Shrimp with szechuan sauce off the lunch special menu. It was very good as was the fried rice and wonton soup. The Chinese menu is long and I didn't get through the entire menu but I noticed several interesting items such as jelly fish, pigs knuckles, shark fin soup, duck tongues, abalone etc. They also had several fish tanks filled with nice looking fish and huge crabs. They also had roasted ducks hanging, They stay open until 3 a.m. every day and are just west of the Hard Rock on Stirling, Looking forward to going back and trying some of the authentic Chinese dishes
                Hatless, any specific recommendations?

                Dragon City
                6708 Stirling Rd, Hollywood, FL 33024

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                  Was there with my Asian American friends for Chinese new year. Everybody (Chinese, American, Russian, Japanese, Filipino... we were a really mixed gp) was happy. Great price, authentic dishes, some innovative items not often seen in older Chinese restaurants. most of the dishes were nicely done. The pig knuckle wasn't tender enough but the duck tongue was good. Hmmm I don't remember all the dishes we ordered. We were kind of hesitate to enter as the place looks really run down but the food was pretty nice.