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Jan 18, 2007 10:45 PM

Jerusalem Restaurants

Hi - Going with the family next week for a trip to Israel, primarily Jersalem. Any new suggestions?


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  1. 1868 as always - and check out Ethio-Israel and Kohinoor.

    1. first check out then i would say joy is always good, as is canela though along with 1868 is probably one of the more expensive restaurants in Jerusalem, La Boca is also supposed to be pretty good.

      1. Agree - eluna is a great bet...

        Yoja is also great.

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        1. re: KosherNY

          Was just there.

          Was not impressed AT ALL with Yoja (although the apple dessert is AMAZING).

          Had a great meal at Cafe Rimon. Took my son and five of his friends. Don't order too much because the portions are large and the pita they put on hte table (after you order!) is fantastic and comes with several dips and can easily fill you up. MAKE RESERVATIONS as the night I went (Sunday) they were packed!

          1. re: hanistor

            I will second the rec for Cafe Rimon. My cousin led us to a good dinner there in the summer of '05. It is near Ben Yehuda St. We- my husband and 2 teenaged kids, and my cousin, enjoyed it very much. I felt that I was really in a restaurant filled with Israelis--not just tourists.

            We also had a good lunch at a dairy cafe in her neighborhood, Old Katamon. The main commercial street, whose name escapes me now, has several good restaurants as well as interesting shops.

            My husband and I had a late supper one night at the restaurant right underneath the Cinemateq (sp), down the hill from our hotel, the Mt. Zion (which has a great breakfast and excellent Shabbat dinner & luncheon). The view of the Old City was lovely, the sandwiches were good and the service was o.k.

            There is also the falafel stand on the corner across from the entrance to the Cardo. Our cousins from the West Bank took us there. I believe I got to have some sort of eggplant salad on my falafel. Delicious, messy, great. There is an excellent ice cream shop across the street.

            When we were with our tour group, we had a wonderful luncheon at a place called the 3 Arches, in the Old City. The luncheon was catered for us, but I do not know if it is open as a restaurant for dinner or not.
            Enjoy. Have a wonderful time, p.j.

            1. re: p.j.

              And even cooler, they are open 24 hours a day and have a meat side and milk side AND deliver! Ate there tonight!
              I love this country! Rivky

              1. re: p.j.

                Shalom! I am very unexpectedly accompanying a friend to Jerusalem for a week's visit in mid-November. Time to revive this thread.
                Looking for inexpensive to moderately-priced but delicious food. Ambience not important.
                Any recent suggestions for Jerusalem? Pastries? Ice cream? Falafel? Chocolate?
                We will be staying at the Prima King's Hotel, in the center of the city.
                Open to all kinds of adventurous ideas, tasty ideas.
                Thanks, p.j.

                1. re: p.j.

                  Just came back from Jerusalem. Luigi's was GREAT, in town and business lunch special was fantastic. Buffalo Steak House on Emek was also fantastic and well priced. Shabbat at Sheraton is always great food. KFC in Kinyon Malchah was much to be desired, left an aftertaste. Wafel Bar near Citadel David was unbelieveable!


                  1. re: p.j.

                    I live in Jerusalem but I am trying to save my money :)

                    I love Tzion Hakatan on Yad Harutzim in Talpiot. Grilled meats on a plate, but there is a quick to-go ordering if you want meat in a pita or lafa and don't want to sit. Turnover is very fast and the food is fresh, and the place is frequented by locals because it is not in a touristy area. Not open on Shabbat. Hummus Talpiot is right across the street-yummy hummus, falafel, schwarma, etc. Very cheap.

                    You will be arriving during the sufganiya season! All bakeries should be making them. I live near Burekas Ima on Rechov Rivka and everything their is good. Of course go for the bureaks but the doughnuts and pastries are yummy. Good traveling food.

                    Any of the grilled meat restaurants on Aggripas are good. Ima is probably the nicest (and most espensive).

                    On Rechov Shamai directly behind the Bank Hapoalim in Kikar Tzion is Babet's. Babet's makes Belgian waffles (and only waffles) with toppings. Each waffle costs 17-24 shekels.

                    Aldo on Emek Refaim has good ice cream but pricey NIS 10 for a single-scoop cone. I don't usually buy ice cream anywhere because I don't want to pay such high prices.

                    I confess I like the Aroma chain :). They are all over.

                    My roommate worships JOY on Emek Refaim. I've never been. Every restaurant on Emek Refaim, with the exception of McD and Evo Burger, is kosher.

                    Let me know if you have any questions (or need a guide)

                    1. re: JudgeMaven

                      Thank you so much for your thoughtful and helpful response. We are looking for non-touristy, cheap and tasty.
                      On my last trip, I managed not to gain much weight. But that was NOT in sufganiyot season. Oh oh! Sounds like delicious danger!
                      Aroma is supposed to be good--thanks for the affirmation.
                      Take care, and I hope you had a good Shabbat,

                      1. re: p.j.

                        Thank you! Have a great flight and enjoy the food! Let me know if you need any more help, suggestions, etc.!!

                        1. re: p.j.

                          Hi PJ,
                          Just wondering how your trip was and where you ate!

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